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Devalut's Triggered Traps, Redstone activated goodies, and MORE!

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Posted 22 January 2013 - 01:27 PM

.1 - Ancient-Tech! - New Energy Source
.2 - Oracle Detectors - Offensive Redstone Activator
   .2a -(Chaos Eye) - Redstone Activated Trap
.3 - Iron Spear door -
Redstone Activated Obstacle
.4 - Black Widow Turret - Trap
.5 - Testificate Tech -Energy source!

Want to stash some ancient evil sword?
Want to keep pesky miners away from your cursed items?
Or do you just want some fresh red paint on your wet dungeon walls?

Well have I got something for you!

Let's start off with...

.1 - Ancient Tech!

I've merging this with Guardians

What is the History of the world of minecraft? Nobody knows, but they sure made a mess of the place!

Somebody had to have made those strongholds...

   In new chunks you can find their history all over the place, These strange objects are rare and cannot be created by normal means; however, these resiliant objects seem to have stayed pristine condition despite all the years under harsh conditions, can you unlock their secrets?

   One of the major items that will be needed to do anything in this will be the Ender pearl, if you do not have this or refuse to tackle endermen  at all, then....  Get out.

Moving on!
Got your ender pearls? Good!
Craft a Focus block like so...
(The stone will be a face for stone brick glass is diamond!)

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Simple right? Place that sucker outside where it will get lots of sunlight, then take your pearl and right click it! When a core is present it will charge it for 1 energy a second!

   First thing you'll notice is a crushing void in the bottom of your soul as the Ender Eye is ripped from your grasp into the clutches of a disembodied force that will conveniently place it in the Focus Block, don't cry, if you're so upset over the fact that your Ender pearl has been taken from you, you can simply right click the focus block to get it back! Now assuming it is day time, the Pearl will slowly begin to change, becoming smaller and smaller until it changes into a small bright red orb, this orb is called the "Ender Core", now revel in this new discovery because you're losing your precious friend the Ender pearl in the process! The change is relatively quick and will  happen over the course of ten seconds, once the Core is born the charging process will begin. The Core can be turned off and on by feeding an active redstone signal to the Focus block. (The current state of a ECore can be noted by the brightness of the core, if it is dull it's off, but if it's bright it's on.)
The ECore expends it's energy four times the rate, but charges faster than the Ender Eye Core.
ECore holds up to 1000 energy

   Alternatively if you want to craft a redstone activation core, simply replace the Eye with an Ender pearl, this will transform into a bright limegreen orb, almost identical in all features of the Ender core, however this one holds it's energy longer and can be active without using a redstone signal! EECore holds up to 100000 Energy

   Core created? Nice! But I hope you're patient, because if you want the maximum core charge it will a couple days! However they're several lesser charges that are lesser than the maximum that will be made available at your discretion! (I.e. if you're impatient you get the impatient core charge.)

(Made by placing flint above a stone brick, flint is retrievable.)
   This new block is almost identical to the vanilla stone brick, but with a hard to see groove in the middle of it.
This will be our redstone for our Cores, be it transfer or Charging up other machines! The GSB can go up walls or upside down! Hook it up to a Focus core to transfer energy! Transfers 100 energy

(Made By Placing flint to all four side of a stone brick, as before, flint is retrievable.)
   This block is identical to the Carved Stone Brick, and when this hooked up to a GSB and holds either a Focus Block or a Testific Tech near it, it will light up and begin to charge cores nearby! Charges cores for 100 energy a second.

(Recipe will be complex, it would be wiser to raid some ruins for one, you might find one that isn't broken, but it's rare! But if you do find a broken one it at least won't be as costly as making one yourself!)
This mechanical marvel is your means of generating energy for larger amounts, hook it up to a Focus block along with at least a small core and these obelisks will get to work! Through the day the Core can soak up sun and run the generator! Generators produce 25 energy a second when powered by a focus block with a core, however without they produce 10 energy every second, it costs 5 energy to run it. Be careful if a core is being charged too much they will explode, the damage is catastrophic and can do your whole house in!

(Recipe is includes Focus, almost a bastardization of it.)
Hook this up to a GSB and have a mob drop of some kind in hand, right click on it and the item will be held inside the socket of the Focus Spawner's socket, when at least 50 energy is gathered and an active redstone signal is fed into it, it will spawn one mob, if the Focus spawner is not activated it will continue to hold energy up to 250 energy can be held and when activated with max power it will summon five mobs.

This section will describe what strange things you will find out in the open or deep within the dungeon treasure chests!

Dragoojen - At first glance this appears to be a very strange statue, looks much like a miniature focus block, but with four legs, weird...
- Inactive these guys make a nice statue, but when activated (By an active redstone current) It quickly becomes a very fierce mob to deal with, you'll find these four legged fiends littered around many ruins, this particular unit holds a Ender Core, if you happen to activate a redstone single to it the Dragoojen will animate and come after you firing energy at you from a distance! One particular note is that if you avoid the Dragoojen long enough you will notice it's core slowly getting smaller and smaller, and then poof, it's depleted and inactive!
If a Dragoojen fires too many bolts of energy it will deplete faster; however, if you get away from it, it will return to it's original location (Which is most likely a Charge Stone Brick!) and immediately shut off if the Redstone current is lost and quickly begin regaining all it's expended energy! (If it has a Ecore it will be hostile, but with an EECore it will follow the player, Right clicking him will cause him to seek out a nearest charge block, or if you have a core on you, you can expend some energy on him. If he is killed, him and the core will be destroyed, if you have a core handy it will restore some energy to it.

- This strange device is found above ground, when provided with a core it will begin to hover in place, right clicking it will allow you to get inside and drive it! It can go above one block and is very fast, however if it takes too much damage or goes too fast it will explode!

- A small object, usually adorned atop of pedestals, much like the Dragoojen they spawn with an Ecore, and can be friendly with an EECore, when activated you'll notice right quick, it can fly, also it shoots energy blasts! If he is killed, him and the core will be destroyed, if you have a core handy it will restore some energy to it.

Testifonic Guard
- Rare occurrences in Ruins and dungeons, again spawn with an ECore, They come in a variety of flavors,
Stone, Iron, Gold, and Diamond, each with their own abilities.

   *Stone - will explode after death (No damage to blocks.) if friendly it will give a defensive bonus.
   *Iron shoots arrows that knock back and if friendly it will occasionally offer arrows.
   *Gold - enchants it's weapons and armor, if friendly he will drop potions and the occasional bottle of enchanting.
   *Diamond - Shoots beams out fire, if friendly he will offer you his head and begin using a bow, His head can shoot his beams but requires blaze powder, destroys blocks and smelts ores on contact. Causes burning effect to mobs.

Lightsap Wand
- Found rarely in dungeon/ruins, crafting is horrifyingly expensive, allows the wielder to steal energy from constructs or place energy inside them(left click steal, right click give). Steals up to 1000 Energy, and can hold up to 2500 energy, Holding right click charges up the core and can release a devastating orb with explosive power depending on how long you charged (Uses up stored energy).


Next up...

.2 - Oracle detectors!
Eh, What's that, Miners jumping over pressure plates and trip wire? BAH, you're rubbing sticks together!

   With the new Oracle detector, your halls are protected!
Surround an eye of ender with pickled spider eye, a redstone torch at the top middle, and you have yourself an Oracle detector!  These revolutionary detectors add the wit to the dungeon so your legions of undead minions don't have to!

   Right click this finished product onto a decent height block, and fix up a redstone current from it to whatever you want to activate when someone is seen by it!

   As foolish creatures get close the eye will open it's eye more and more, takes about 1.5 seconds for the eye to fully open, once it is fully open it will activate it's redstone signal!
Miner's might try to shoot at it with their arrows, if the eye is not fully open, the arrow will be deflected and the eye will activate the redstone signal immediately! However if the eye is fully open when the arrow hits the detector will be stunned and he redstone signal will be lost!

- Oracle detectors can see a width of five block and a length of ten blocks

- Oracle detectors can see through bars, vines, and glass! You can use this to block arrows, or use the vines to hide it!

- Pair soulsand with one of these to ensure easier detection

.2a - (Chaos Eye)  
   Placing a diamond Guardian's head in your crafting table on top of the oracle detector will make a Chaos Eye, which will unleash a constant stream of fire for three seconds after fully opening it's eye! This new ability now requires the eye to be activated by a redstone signal to become active and removes it's previous ability to create such a signal.


Jeese these are long...

.3 - Iron spear door!
Some sneaky suspense! with a side of sly defense?

This is a simple creation, sure it's simple, but it's expensive...

   By placing six iron bars and three pistons (I told you it's expensive!)
you can create the iron spear door, it's shape is much like a pressure plate, but has a number of distinct holes, activation a redstone signal to this will cause spears to shoot up instantly (without harming anyone) for up to it's own position and one more block above, blocking a door-sized entrance in the twinkling of an eye!

It's only give away of being on the ground is the holes, other than that it's completely invisible!

  - Pair the Iron Spear door with the Oracle detector to create an easy obstacle, and to get out the victim either has to shoot the Oracle to get out or try and break the door down!

- Cages are breeze, just place four  of the iron spear doors  around a pressure plate! (just make sure there is no room for jumping with a couple of blocks at least two blocks high

- Protect your treasure from grab-n-dash thieves by surrounding your chests with these, they can look but not touch!

- Instant fences around your home, very posh, but mind the cost!

- Oracles detectors can see through Iron spear doors!


Last but not least...

.4 - Black Widow Turret!
Give your intruders Arachnophobia with this new painful delivery system!

   A much Cheaper and more mass production product than the scary Chaos Eye, however it is more expensive than a dispenser, in fact you need four dispensers to craft one!

   As i've foolishly divulged one of the key ingredients to this objects lets do the crafting recipe...
Place four of the said dispensers at the four corners of a 3x3 crafting grid, then place a pickled spider eye in the center, along with four redstone in the remaining slots!

Place this object on the ground, you don't need to activate it with redstone.
A word of caution; don't load them when you're alone. The fiends lack loyalty, and their notion of nourishment is quite

- Black Widow Turrets can fire at anything that's not directly above or below them! (or at least anything that's not behind a block or not farther than 8 blocks away .)

- Place a piston underneath the turret while it's just below the surface along with the Oracle detector activate a surprising trap! Add an Iron spear door to double the effectiveness!

- Think you're basement is crawling with mobs? Place the turret just below the surface with a piston like last time, activate it with a lever, when the shooting stops, send the turrets back under ground and collect the spoils!


That's all!

I'd love to see this in the game, if you do to, support it!
By doing Q.C.S. & CRIT! (Questions, Comments, Suggestions, & Criticism)
we can make this a reality, or just a sideshow to tell me how terrible my ideas are, your choice!


Like more vareity in dungeon traps? Miners jumping over your pressure plates? Check the link and find out what you think!

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 03:35 PM

Bump - Update!

.1 - Ancient-Tech!

Focus core

Ender Core

Ender Eye Core

Grooved Stone Brick

Charge Stone Brick

Ancient Generator

Focus Spawner




Testifonic Guards

Lightsap Wand
Like more vareity in dungeon traps? Miners jumping over your pressure plates? Check the link and find out what you think!


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Posted 10 March 2013 - 05:48 AM

Looks like fun; wish I could help, but I can't. Good luck! :)
HEY YOU! Yeah you. Do you like adventure maps? PM me if you want to test/help me with my adventure maps.


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Posted 01 April 2013 - 08:10 PM

This mod is so amazing!  I would give ideas or criticize, but I have no ideas for this mod it's already awesome and I can't criticize it because, well, it's awesome keep up the great work on this mod!

Edit: Is this a mod or just an idea? I hope it is a mod and that the download comes out soon.



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Posted 14 May 2013 - 03:20 AM