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EndCraft Raid - Survival - Factions - Server - End-Craft.net:25623

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Posted 17 January 2013 - 05:15 PM


EndCraft is a factions pvp server with lots of unique
things for our players to partake in!

About Endcraft- Endcraft is a 100 slot server with about 30 players on average, on weekends it gets busy.
We have 4 owners who are called -KeirLowe -RJM_RACING16 -Ali-B23 And -iTssHarry.
We as owners provide our players with a fun server and we
Gladly help anyone in need (Not like other servers where owners ignore you)
We are dedicated to the job of running the server and we have many
Other staff to help us do so!

What can you do on EndCraft?

Well, on EndCraft there are numerous things to do,
You can Build a base! (Make sure to hide it well)
You can go our raiding!
You can make friends and team up to make a strong team!
You can play our HungerGames event!
You can play spleef!
You can do the parkours on the server!
You can pvp with people!
You can donate to help the server and receive vip privileges!
You can take part in our monthly pvp tornuments where we give away up to £150 worth of in game goodies!
I could go on listing things but there is just so much to do!

What do you receive when donating?

Well unlike most servers our ranks last for a life time!
With the ranks you receive money, diamonds, exp, commands, vip rooms, spawners, emeralds,
Tnt, bedrock, enderpearls and a whole bunch of other great stuff!
The Commands vary from small eg. /Tpahere
to big like /gm c
if you want to check out the ranks fully then hop on the server and run ahead to the iron, gold and diamond boards at spawn!

How do i get staff?

To obtain staff on our server you need to be fit for the job!
You must play the server alot!
Be a donator (Helps with trust)
Never cause trouble (The Odd tiff taff doesn't matter)
You must be willing to not be bias to any friends on the server!
You must be trustworthy and use the commands sensibly!
And finally you must just be your self !!!!

What do i do if i see someone hacking/rule breaking?

If you see a hacker/abuser then please report it to the owners and we will keep an eye out on that player
If you can get screen shots of the player hacking/abusing and upload them to the EndCraft.co.uk gallery then that would be even better.



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