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Minecraft News, and Server Spotlights

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Posted 13 January 2013 - 08:55 PM

Minecraft News: Quartz Blocks, TNT Minecarts & Mob Naming

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David and Toby cover this week's goodies, feel free to give it a watch, subscribe, and tell them what wonderful people they are!

Want To See Server Spotlights Again?

We have some exciting news for those of you looking to check out the latest and greatest SMP servers!  We will now be doing reviews on servers from each of our Servers sections - Survival, Creative, Objective, and Hybrid servers, respectively - and we want your help in finding the best ones!

To be considered for a review, a server must be on our Servers list.  Would you like your server to be reviewed, but are not sure how to get on this list?  It's easy!  All you have to do is click on this link, fill out your server details, and you're good to go!

Feel free to tell us here in the comments about any servers you think really stand out.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Posted 13 January 2013 - 09:05 PM

Awesome, love the new quartz blocks
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Posted 13 January 2013 - 09:09 PM

Thanks for the update guys!
Enjoy raiding and pvp in highly customizable and well organized groups, but hate the setup of Factions? Then check out my upcoming server containing multiple custom plugins: http://www.RisingColonies.com/



Posted 13 January 2013 - 09:39 PM

Silver Springs Survival is an awesome server with really good staff, I'm a donor on the server and it would be awesome to get the server featured here!

The server is survival free build and the owner is nicknamed Wolf.


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Posted 13 January 2013 - 09:43 PM

Why not have the ability to make Diamond stairs, Gold stairs, Emerald stairs, etc. ? We've always asked for this....
But anyway, this is the biggest step to Mod API yet!

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Posted 13 January 2013 - 10:53 PM

Will be nice to see Server Spotlights again.

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Posted 14 January 2013 - 12:03 AM

well, now my Greek mansion will finally be done, thanks to these quarts blocks, look WAY better as a tile floor that iron blocks
PRETEND THERE IS AN EPIC BANNER RIGHT HERE! oh, fyi, i need beta testers: http://www.minecraft...or-the-captain/



Posted 14 January 2013 - 12:47 AM

Those quartz blocks look awesome!



Posted 14 January 2013 - 01:56 AM

Savage Realms Events is a great server, we have an event called Golden Gun that no other server has!
We have dedicated staff and a great community. Join now at events.savagerealms.net!


  • Minecraft: tayden1298

Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:08 AM

Savage Realms Main is an amazing server, we have tons custom classes, some for pvp and some for pve uses! We also have great staff, and a very large community. Savage Realms is a community of several servers, as you can tell by some of the posts above. play.savagerealms.net!



Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:09 AM

Savage Realms Raid!


Go and look naow pls!!! Great server over half a million has joined, why haven't you?



Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:10 AM

Savage Realm Events! Its a awesome server and has an amazing community! With awesome events, great staff, CTF, Survival games and beautiful builds Savage Realms Events is a truely AWESOME server! Play now at events.savagerealms.net!



Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:14 AM

Savage Realms Raid is the best Raid type server, hands down. The community is amazing, not to mention the hard working staff to keep it balanced and hacker-free. It has unique classes no where else has, hand made my the owners themselves.

The owners have put so much time into the server and the other Savage Realm servers that they deserve this. They put so much of their own time into the server just to get everything perfect. It is truly amazing.

The people of Raid are what i think makes it truly special. They are like a big giant family. They may fight, but everyone is in good spirits, and love to help. It is a hardcore Raid server, yet people are unfriendly jerks. It welcomes all types of people.

They have special made warzones to fit the hand crafted classes that they have made. It is just really awesome what they have done, and the server, or other Savage Realms server such as Savage Realms Main, Savage Realms RPG, and Savage Realms Events, 100% deserve this server spotlight!!!

Thanks for reading! :)



Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:14 AM

SavageRealms Main, Raid, Events, and RPG are all AMAZING servers. with custom classes, awesome warzones, awesome events, and staff. They are all my favorite servers. They have a server for every type of MC gamemode u could ever want, and u can never get bored with raiding on raid, going on quests in RPG, and just having fun in general!

MAIN: play.savagerealms.net
RAID: raid.savagerealms.net (or pvp.savagerealms.net)
RPG: rpg.savagerealms.net
EVENTS: events.savagerealms.net
SURVIVAL GAMES: 1-9.sr-sg.net



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Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:16 AM

Hello, and greetings all around. The Nether Quartz is very fun. To have a day-night related idealism is certainly impressive. Redstone Comparators are also enjoyable. Very worthwhile for these purposes. Of course, these things take time. Waiting is what we do best

I'm also here to talk a little bit about the Server Spotlight. I would love to see my favourite server getting up there on that Spotlight! This server has impressed me since the moment I joined it.

Savage Realms, a place where PvP and Towny come together. There are specific realms, such as Main, Raid and my personal favourite, RPG! and each has it's great qualities.

New members flock each day and join us in the conquest of great differential boundaries.  It would mean the world to each and every one of us to be on this Spotlight. So, then, at that's left is a few things!

My in-game name is _phasmus_. If you want to talk, or something different you can definitely come give me a shout. If you want more information, you should daringly check out www.savagerealms.net (As long as it's OK to put up some general website info!)

I again thank you for reading this, and hope to chat with you all in the nearest future possible.



Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:20 AM

I think that one of the "Server spotlights" should be on a server called Savage Realms Events, like super_man.

This server is truely amazing, and unique from other servers.

This server is based on events, or "mini-games" to be more clear. I have not heard of many servers that have it based all around Events. This makes it truely amazing.

There are very good events, and even one that is being worked on. There is the Mob Arena, the Survival Games, Capture the Flag (CTF), and Golden Gun (currently being worked on). These events are great, because they are fun, and two of them give you free items you can keep or sell for money.

The staff there is very well chosen. Every staff member is picked because of their maturity, compassion, and just because they're helpful. I myself am staff there. I've become friends with some helpers that are very mature.

There are classes created by Savage Realms admins, and some even by players, that make the gameplay on Savage Events much more fun and enjoyable. There are PvE and  PvP classes. One class makes it so you can build a town, and another lets you auction things in chat. One makes it so you can heal players in PvP, and another makes it so you can jump super high, and shot arrows with special abilities! These are just a few of the classes.

Why do I believe Savage Events should be in a "Server Spotlight show"? Because of all of the above. These are few of the things that make this server great. If you don't like events, no problem! Savage Events has PvP, RPG, and towny to keep you busy. I hope you consider doing a spotlght on good ol' Savage Events!


  • Minecraft: SkeletonRuler

Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:25 AM

It would be absolutely marvelous if the magnificence of Desolation Detention Center were to be recognized. It would bring us great prosperity. Desolation Detention Center may not be one of the first Prison Servers, but we have been told that we have revolutionized the concept of a Prison Server.


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I am the Ruler of all Skeletons. 'Nuff said.

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Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:30 AM

A server I believe that is really enjoyable is Savage Realms. There are four different servers that have their own uniqueness that can appeal to a variety of servers. The staff of Savage Realms are really kind, sympathetic, respectful and are willing to help others in need. Savage Realms also hosts the Survival Games at http://www.sr-sg.net/

Savage Realms Main ~ play.savagerealms.net

Savage Realms RPG ~ rpg.savagerealms.net

Savage Realms Raid ~ pvp.savagerealms.net

Savage Realms Events ~ events.savagerealms.net

On Savage Realms Main, there are 4 portals 5 portals that are each unique. One of them leads in into a pvp world with various biomes, another leads to a class hall that allows you to purchase a class with in game money that each have it's own pros that make the server more enjoyable including pvp classes. Another leads to an area with portals leading to the wilderness to build or portals to amazing towns. Another dragon leads to events such as capture the flag, spleef, king of the hill, etc. And the 5th dragon leads to the RPG world which allows you to go onto quests with rewards. Main is mainly for towny.

On Savage Realms RPG, the system is the same as Main except there are more RPG biomes in the RPG world enabling endless fun and adventure.

On Savage Realms Raid, you can form factions, pvp and raid bases.

On Savage Realms Events, the system is the same as Main except its mainly focussed on events such as The Hunger Game, Mob vs Player, etc. But there are less biomes in the RPG world.

Over all Savage Realms is an amazing server with an abundance of things to do that make many possibilities of entertainment. I'm positive that most players will find something out of each of the Savage Realm servers.



    Newly Spawned

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Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:49 AM

Ah the quartz looks fantastic, can't wait to implement some structures in game. As for the server spotlight. I would really like to see the Savage Realms servers in it. Savage RPG is quite fantastic with its friendly staff, equally friendly players, its small activities, and its custom classes for both PVP and PVE purposes. Although our RPG world is currently being worked on, you can go to the warzones to earn a small chunk of cash. If that isn't quite your style, go to the pvp world and win and pick up some loot from your kill. If you are more of a creative person, join a town! I'm sure there are many towns who would like that creative skill. play.savagerpg.net

BUT! Savage RPG isn't the only great server! There is also Savage Main which I would say is all about the community and the fun people that you can meet there and is more town oriented. Don't forgot to ask the friendly staff and players if you have any questions about it! play.savagerealms.net

If you like pvp and factions. well Savage Raid is the place for you! Join a faction! Go out and hunt other players and factions if you would like! Have interesting conversations! pvp.savagerealms.net

Are you into events and such? well Savage Events could be for you! with its always running mob arenas for prizes, the towns that are within the server, the friendly staff that is on, and the event that is currently in progress.... Golden Gun! play.savageevents.net

I hope you guys have time to check these out as I think it'd be well worth your time :)



Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:50 AM

I find that Savage Events is the best server by FAR. We have FANTASTIC staff, and lots of activities to partake in, including Mob Arena, survival games, PVP, questing, CTF and our new minigame, Golden Gun! I would say this server is very good all around, having a PVP world and a towny world!