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DiamondUniverse [Factions][Towny][Creative][Minigames]

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Posted 09 January 2013 - 06:06 PM


Diamond Universe is an international server. We just started the server and are running on a server with 20GB of ram. We have a total of 100 slots and a good amouth of plugins which will let you have an awesome time on here.

The server has alot op options and different rules, heres what info:
Server runs on a i7@4,3GHZ with 20GB of ram.
IP: play.diamonduniverse.eu

website: http://www.diamonduniverse.eu
There are 3 different gamemodes. Those are:

– Factions
– Creative
– Towny
Minigames(al our little “games” on the server like spleef and mobarena.)

Currently we have the current minigames:
– Skyblock
If u would like to request a new one, please ask the Owners or an Admin.

We have different worlds, with different plugins, with different gameplay. I will list them all.

Spawn World.
– This is the world where you spawn, here is 1 building, the main spawn.
– At the spawn u can find signs with information for the worlds and some commands.
– There are 3 portals leading to the 3 worlds called, Factions, Creative and Towny.
– Also here u can find information on how to get to the minigames.

Faction World:
– Is running Factions plugin!
– PVP is allowed!
– Griefing and raiding is allowed!
– More info can be found at the main spawn.

Towny World
– Is running Towny!
– PVP is disabled!
– Griefing and raiding is disallowed!
– More info can be found at the main spawn.

Creative World:
– We work with plots (50x50 blocks)
– PVP is disabled!
– You cant grief!
– Dont make useless redstone contraptions.

Skyblock World:
– Skyblock is one of our minigames, this does have a seperate world.
– You can find info about skyblock at the information board at main spawn.
– You can create partys with a maximum of 4 people. Including yourself.

The current ranks:

- Player (standard rank)
- Premium (donator rank, Minimum of 20 euro donation.)
- Moderator (hard to earn!)
- Admin (Some of our best mods will get this!)
- Owner (Alleen Janzee22 en Calvin15!)

What permissions do the ranks have:

- Player
o Create ChestShops
o CreateFactions (only in factions world)
o Create a Town (only in towny world)
o Check their money
o Spawn command
o Build
o Claim a plot (only in creative)
o Chat
o Warp
o Home and Sethome
o Tag : [Player]

- Premium
o No waiting time on teleporting
o claim multiple plots in creative, up to 4!
o Tag : [Premium]
o All the same as player

- Moderator
o can TP instant. (no tpa needed)
o Can kick and tempban people
o Can mute people
o Can use coreprotect (can see who griefed)
o Can the same as Player.
o Tag : [Mod]

- Admin
o can use Worldedit
o Can kick, ban, tempban, ipban people
o Can check inverntorys
o can rollback
o Tag : [Admin]
o Can same as Moderator

- Owner
- Can do everything!

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