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Posted 09 January 2013 - 02:22 AM

The brand new minecraft PVP experience. The first and only PVP

Player Versus Player,

Read what our members have said below!

Posted Image

Log in at: warstorm.no-ip.info

Server is hosted in Chicago, IL - USA

Survival/Towns - Factions/Mcmmo/PVE, Creative/Freebuild - Pvp/Arena, Skyblock.- Events

About Warstorm? :

Tired, of pay to wins servers? Nothing to do, outrageous hacking, Bad admins, servers where you get thousands of rare materials for achieving nothing? These servers stink, and somehow a few of them are popular! On this server, You can be exploring the spawn, or many other things, and come across a secret, these things assure you will never run out of content on this server! Want to have fun, something to do? Go do a skyblock with your friends - creative building, Fun!

Server Info:
Owner: sam102198
Co-Owner: BLHPD12
Admins: (Looking for staff)
Moderator: (Looking for staff)
Secrets! - The worlds are created with secrets in mind, Find the way to gain a lot of money? Share this secret, or done. Have fun!

Survival/Towns! - Join or start your own town!  Create anything and have it protected so that you can show off your epic builds to anyone!  Do everything that Minecraft offers and MUCH more!

Creative World! - Do /warp creativeworld to Use your imagination, You can claim your own plot with /plotme claim this plot CAN'T be affected by grief! Things like EXP potions and Minecarts can not be abused. You can gain more then one plot too!

Pvp arena! - We have a fully protected pvp arena with different warps to it, Get your gear on and be ready to fight through the custom made biome style arena!

Events and Tournaments! - We actively have events and tournaments for your PVP and PVE pleasures! Some events require you to outthink and out-last opponents. These are hosted all the time, and you will surely experience some major fun. We have a 24/7 MOBARENA! do /ma join to access this.

Anti-Hack! - We have special tips and tricks discovered to fight hackers, With one command we can tell who is an xrayer and who isnt, Hackers are not tolerated, and will be dealt with! Cheaters are quickly dealt with.
How to become a member: Reply to the thread with the following.
  • Your In game Name; IGN
  • Have you voted, warstorm.webs.com?
  • Any questions/comments? If you donate its ok.
VOTE FOR WARSTORM!: Go to warstorm.webs.com and go to voting links and  Vote; enter the captcha and your in-game-name, for full benefits! Repeat on all the links for fullbenefits  You get FREE In-game rewards just for voting!

Once you post here, You will be added to Member, Immediately. You will get all standard permissions and ingame rights. Since its automatic, you will not see a change in rank name.

Additional Details

[1.4.6] ~~Warstorm~~ [FACTIONS] [MOB] [MCMMO] [CREATIVE WORLD] [PVP] [Skyblock] Game Version: Minecraft 1.4.6 Tags: Survival, PVP, Mcmmo, Factions, Creative, Skyblock, Mobs, Faction PVP

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