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DemonCatTribe Minecraft Survival server! **1.4.6**

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Posted 07 January 2013 - 11:44 PM

Hello All!  I am A fellow member over at the DemonCatTribe. Recently our minecraft server has been lacking in many areas, mainly the players and donations coming in to keep the fun going! I have been a member of the site for about 6 months now, I love it! although i've been with the group of people on another server Called FranticMe minecraft. for a tad more than 2 Years now! Sadly..That server was shutdown  during the summer of 2012 when us players found out what the owner was using the Dontations for. (Personal uses) Thats when DemonCatLord, the owner of the DemonCatTribe.com stood up and put his time and effort to keep the fun going by getting a server setup for Players. I would like to thank him for doing so:)

Not only do we play minecraft but other games as well! for you gamers :3

We have over 200 registered Members!
Not many look at the forums or play on the server very often if at all! what a shame! Posted Image
Please check the forums often if your deciding to game with us!

I was not asked or forced in any way to post this. I did this out of pure kindness and concern Posted Image

If You are looking for a small but yet growing community, come on over to--->http://demoncattribe.com And

(A message to moderators)
I was not very sure on where to put such a topic, after the recent changes this past year to the sections of the forums I thought this would be well suited for the cause.
Posted Image

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