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PvPRaiderZ 24/7 hardcore pvp server! 60 slots, faction and a lot more!

pvp factions shops 60 slots 24/7 online no lagg

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Posted 07 January 2013 - 07:00 PM


Server ip: pvpraiderz.joinmc.net

Welcome to the official topic of PvpRaiderZ

Let me tell you something about our server:

Our server is a 24/7 Pvp faction raid server 60 slots.

That means it's always online and you are allowed to kill people and grief/steal other people there basement!

To protect you basement we have factions installed on our server.

Factions is a very usefull plugin it can protect a certain amount of ground that people can't break if they're not in your faction!
The higher amount of people you have in your faction the more ground you can claim!

How to make a faction/claim ground

To make a faction you simply write /f create "FactionName"
now its time to get a spot were you want to build. If you found one you can do /f claim
now you ground is protected! but not all just walk arround and protect you will find it out!

Now the hard part, Pvping!

Pvping is allowed watch you back always if you walk in the wild!
Don't cry if people kill you ­ happends!
Just make friends and get very good together and kill him back when you see him!

Some rules that you must follow!

Don't use hacks or game modification like xray and minimap (Texturepacks are allowed but don't use xray texturepack)
Don't glitch / bug anyway to make the game unfair agianst other people
Don't shout in the chat like: f**k you noob i **** own u ****
Don't ask ranks like mod/admin you wont get it if we need one we will post in on this topic and you can apply for it!
Talk english in public chat! (in private message faction chat you can talk you own language!)


Ofcource we need donations and you free to donate on this server!
But please say to an owner if you going to donate that if something goes wrong u have 100% sure a owner can help you!
we have a few donate ranks ingame you can find all the information /warp donate!

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Posted 09 January 2013 - 02:57 PM

nice Server!