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SaroriaCraft![Buycraft] [Drop parties daily!] [Factions!] [PVP] [iConomy] [ChestShop] [MobArena!] [ClearLag] [And more!]

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Posted 06 January 2013 - 12:03 AM

SaroriaCraft is a server based on city life and lets you explore a huge state!(Thats right i said a sate.)You can get a job at McDonalds, Subaway, etc, work for a hotel, help with construction, and more!! We hope to bring you the best city experience and to satisfy your needs! The staff are: Owner:Killerivan, Co-owner#1:nicodragon1629, Co-owner#2: AngelPower101, Admins:liamow, Moderators:Thefakecreeper15.Every month on the 4th we will have what we call the AniDrop which is because that is the day the server was created and hense the term AniDrop. The AniDrop is an extreme drop party where staff drops diamond blocks, enchantment tables, blaze rods, expensive stuff like that. Thanks and i hope to see you on the server!

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