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Posted 13 February 2011 - 01:32 AM

Join our SMP server, Its one of the best servers Ive seen, Its the one Ive spent most of my time in, Im an admin there and have about 150 hours playing time. Theres a rank system, first rank up is after for hours, after that its based on builds and how willing you all are to help.


The server is online for, normally, 16 hours a day, It is offline during the night, night in Finland that is, so It goes off  late evening in The US and canada. We also Got brand new forums for the Server at:


Please keep in mind that there brand new, literally 20 minutes since they were put up, so don't ignore them cause they appear to be empty.

There is also an SMP server in the workds, which should be up in a short while. For now, it's just the classic server.

The Best Freebuild Minecraft classic server:

Server forums:

Beta Server in the works <-- Best evar :D

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