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[1.4.6] Razor Craft [Demi God] [Factions] [PVP] [Head Hunter] [McMMO] [Raiding]

1.4.6 pvp factions headhunter minecraft mcmmo up time demigods raiding fun

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 03:22 AM

-------------------------------------------Razor Craft-------------------------------------------

Welcome, to Razor Craft! A Demi God Factions PvP Minecraft Server. - 1.4.6

Server IP:



1.   Don't get caught hacking.

2. Respect Staff.

3. No Glitching

4. Don’t Spam
5. No advertising, or you’re banned

6. You only get 2 gods

7. Have fun! Posted Image


Alpha Chest

Battle Tracker
Bottled EXP
Chest Shop
Demi Gods
Head Hunter
Mob Arena
Mob Catcher
Silk Spawners
Voxel Sniper
World Edit
World Guard

Info on Demi Gods:

Deities: Each deity has a passive ability, one or two active abilities, and one ultimate. The power of their skills is determined by Devotion, a unique measure of how much a player favors that deity. Devotion can be gained by combat, mining for rare ores, and tributing.
Shrines: A player can make one shrine per deity they own. Shrines can be tributed at as well as teleported to.
Health: HP is a fundamental mechanic of Minecraft - each player has 10 hears/20 HP, and is limited to this amount. In Demigods, all players with deities can have any amount of health, up to the thousands, which is scaled to display in the health bar.
Favor: Favor is limited to a cap that can be raised by tributing. Favor is spent on Demigods skills, and is regenerated over time.

Posted Image

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