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TechLegion P2P Modded Server

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 02:19 AM

TechLegion's New Modded Minecraft Server

Information Below

Mod List

Forge Mod Loader
Minecraft Forge
CodeChicken Core
Buildcraft 3.2.3 All Modules
Additional Pipes Unofficial
IndustrialCraft 2 1.112.170
IC2 Advanced Machines
Computer Craft 1.481
Equivalent Exchange 3 pre1f
Computer Craft 1.481 (Child mod Turtles)
EnderStorage 3.7.0a
Factorization 0.7.10
GraviGun 1.4.6v1
Nuclear Control 1.4.5
Iron Chests 4.5.1 build 199
Logistics Pipes
MineChem 2.0.0pr1
MiscPeripherals 2.3
Advanced Solar Panels 3.3.2
Gravitation Suite 1.6
Obsidian Pressure Plates 1.2.0
OmniTools 2.2.3
Portal Gun 1.4.6v1
Redpower 2.0 Pre6 All Modules
Soul Shards 1.14
Steve's Carts 2.0.0.a40
Thaumcraft 3 3.0.1c
Thermal Expansion 2.1.6
XyCraft 0.9
WR-CBE Addons
WR-CBE Redpower

Pay to Play Information

Although were new, and this is a new account I can ensure you that we can be trusted. We will let you first 5 people join free to hopefully vouch for us. Most of you would think what's the point of buying into a server when there are are plenty of others. We stay up to date with out own private modpack that you can only access through buying entry or by being one of our first 5 free. We have 2 coders to sort out bugs and problems. We are a complete legit server. No items are banned on the server as long as you don't abuse chunkloaders or mystcraft. We will pm you the IP as we do not won't to get DDOS problems with our server. Please for the first five free, comment your IGN below, I will pm you the IP shortly after.

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