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NortexSurvival - PvP Factions =No Whitelist=

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 05:54 PM

A server designed for the true Minecraft player. Do you have what it takes to fight off the enemy factions? To survive the mobs in the mob arenas? To map the entire world? We will find out...


A User-Made Trailer For The Server

Why You Should Join- Nortex Survival is a great experience for all players. It allows you to explore a nearly endless wilderness exploring for that perfect spot to build your faction base. Once your faction is built, you have the power to build an empire, wage war, build alliances, or do whatever you want. Don't feel like playing in factions? Try out the mob arenas or PvP arenas with your friends! Maybe you just want to explore? Nortex Survival has a wide range of biomes to choose from, right off the spawn. These include swamps, forests, oceans, plains, and taigas. Nortex Survival is sure to be a great experience for all.

My History With The Server- I started playing on the server about 1 month and a half ago. I have to say I was excited when I first joined. The staff was friendly, they listened, and they always wanted to help out. Through my time on the server I have seen it grow. I am very proud of Nortex30for coming this far. I was once a moderator on the server for a month, before the ranks rotated and someone else stepped up. It was a very fun experience.

The Problem- Nortex Survival has recently encountered a dip in funds. There is not much money left to run the server anymore. If you do join Nortex Survival, please donate to keep this great server alive.

Extra Information- The server does go by a rank system. All you need to do to become a member of the server is build a house and tell an admin/moderator. GRIEFING IS ALLOWED.


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