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Enchanted Minecraft[24/7][60 Slots] [PvP]

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 12:07 PM

Enchanted Minecraft

Enchanted Minecraft is an almost completely vanilla server (aside from a couple of much-needed plugins). It runs on a dedicated server, so it is up 24/7, and has a grand total of 60 slots.

Some of the features:
  • It's vanilla!
  • Simple rules - So even the less intelligent people out there can understand them!
  • Free cookies!
BUT! You have to promise to follow the rules if you wish to play.
  • No racism - Nobody likes a racist.

  • No griefing - However you are allowed to break and enter peoples' bases, just no excessive block destruction.

  • No cheating - It ruins the game for everyone.

  • Respect everyone - Even if you don't like someone, don't shout to everyone about it, just ignore.

  • No scamming - Imagine you're a newbie who just found his first diamond. Someone offers to trade it for something supposedly better, which turns out to be some useless lapis.
There are penalties for breaking these rules, but you don't really need to know them, seeing as you won't be breaking these rules, am I right?

Server IP:play.freezemc.com:25610

We hope to see you soon.
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