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  • Minecraft: Alex658

Posted 27 December 2012 - 02:38 AM

Welcome to Deathrealms! This is a full on Faction/Pvp Server! We are a great community! Here are some rules to follow: 1. No Building Close to spawn! 2. NO HACKING/XRAY 3. Respect Admins! 4. No raging when killed! [THESE ARE NOT ALL THE RULES LISTED, READ THE REST AT SPAWN]
VIP: cold_storage
Mods: Slime11pvp, Dozermolly
Admins: ACEnerfer
Owner: Alex658
[All these people are fully opped EXCEPT [Helpers] and [VIP] and [Mods] so ask them any qeustion!]
For VIP rank: You get 10 diamond blocks and a god sword!
For helper rank: You get creative mode when wanted to!
For Admins: You get OP and mostly everything!
For Owner: Is allowed everything.
I hope you guys come on and have fun! [Make sure to read the rules when you get on! Not all rules are stated here]
Thank you and Sincerely,

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