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[Random Creepypasta] The Strider

creepypasta strider enderman horror

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 12:30 AM

I had just installed the Pretty Scary Update.  Needless to say, I was eager to get to use the epic things in the update.
I was playing in my World, and had gone exploring in search of Villages to make use of the trading.  Discouraged after finding nothing, I returned home, fighting off any Mob that stood between me and my base.  Upon reaching said base, I noticed an Enderman's head just above a small hill beside my base.  Eager to obtain an Ender Pearl, I ran toward it, Iron Sword in hand, with plans to trap the creature and take cheap shots at it for an easy Pearl.  However, when I reached it, I was instantly unsettled.  What was before me was no Enderman.

It looked like one, but it was coated in red pixels, which I assumed to be blood.  It was a dark shade of gray rather than the standard shadow black.  What unsettled me the most was the way it moved.  It creepily crawled across the ground on all fours.  I noticed it punching something in the corner of the hill and the wall of my base.  It looked like a player, barely.  It was slumped over in the corner, and was merely a mangled, bloody corpse.  I freaked.  The patch notes never said anything about this crawling Ender, or player corpses.  I approached the corpse slowly.  The Ender let out a low growl.  I instantly backed away in fright.  I was reluctant to engage it in combat, but I'd do anything to get this monster out of my World and away from my base.  I watched as it grotesquely crawled back and forth.  I hesitantly placed my crosshair over the creature, and awaited a reaction.

The creature turned to look at me, as to be expected.  I took my crosshair off of it, and waited for it to charge toward me in a blind rage, but it never happened.  I was beginning to think that this was a glitched Enderman, so I looked away from it.  I head demonic whispers.  I turned back to it.  It was closer.  What the hell?  This was beginning to remind me of the Weeping Angels.  I refused to move my crosshair at this point.  After about a minute of continuous staring, it began to slowly creep toward me.  I was getting terrified.  Endermen never did this.  Some sick addition, I thought.  Something to make Endermen more intimidating... but what about the appearance?  I had seen another Enderman on the way back, but it looked normal...

I was seriously doubting it was a glitch now.  It's blood red eyes appeared to pulsate red, which was unsettling.  As the strange creature, which I coined the Strider, advanced toward me, I began walking backward to get away.  It compensated by increasing it's speed.  Eventually, I realized that running away is futile.  I had to face this grotesque abomination in combat.  I attacked the thing, but it constantly strafed left and right to evade my strikes.  I noticed it dealt large amounts of damage, inflicting 4 1/2 hearts.  After fighting to the break of dawn, I noticed the Sun had strange effects on this living nightmare.  It didn't catch fire, but it reacted with ear-piercing shrieks and bloodcurdling screams.

I watched as it clambered away into a nearby cave which I had never gotten around to exploring.  I assumed that it was the Strider's dwelling.  I was in no way prepared to finish this thing, so I continued mining in other caves obtaining Diamonds and into the Nether to obtain Blaze Rods for a Brewing Stand.  After a few hours of preparation, I felt I was ready to attack that nightmarish monster.  I descended into the cave, and was greeted my a stomach-churning sight.

The walls were coated with blood, and were lined with random scrawls that appeared to be written by dying entities.  Many of them were crudely drawn pictures of the Strider standing over slumped-over, mangled corpses.  I was unable to look at them without getting nauseous.  I continued to advance through the relatively straightforward cavern, desperately trying to avoid looking at the sickening scrawls.  After what seemed like hours, I managed to reach the end, and was enraged to see only a dead end.  I looked on the ground and saw a pair of blood-stained Pressure Plates.  I stepped on them and saw the wall before me slide away by the work of Pistons.  The Piston door revealed a circular chamber.  Well, about as circular as one can get in Minecraft.

The walls were surprisingly clear of blood, but the floor was nearly entirely red.  I heard the faint sounds of the Strider's moans.  I looked around frantically, desperately hoping to avoid being sneak attacked by the four-legged demon.  After not seeing it, I turned around, and was greeted by the Strider's cold, soulless eyes, staring at me.  I backed away and raised my Sword, ready to strike.  I attacked the creature, but to my deception, I saw it didn't even flinch.  I attacked again.  Still nothing.  The figure disappeared.  I looked around, and saw the Strider was behind me.  I attacked,  Finally, a hit!  It's "Taking damage" sound was horrifying, to say the least.  It let out a bloodcurdling scream and second the blade hit it's stone-gray flesh.

I knew it was dealing damage.  I attacked again.  It continued to shriek in pain.  I continued my assault, nearly being deafened by the Strider's pained shrieks.  Eventually, the nightmare retaliated.  It attacked me, dealing 6 1/2 hearts, and causing extreme knockback, similar to that of the Ender Dragon.  This vast amount of damage was unbelievable, as I was playing on Easy.  I double-checked my difficulty, and found it still on Easy.  Strange.  I resumed my battle with the Strider, continuing to assault it with a flurry of sword swipes.  It continued to let out deafening screams of agony as I slashed into it.

I had gone through an entire Diamond Sword on it, and it still survived.  How much health did this thing have?  Not even the Ender Dragon took this many hits to drop!  I pulled out my other Diamond Sword and attacked it with that instead.  Eventually, it's screaming wouldn't stop.  My god, that scream.  I will never forget that scream.  Despite my suffering from the agonized scream, I continued to attack the Strider.  However, after some time, I stopped dealing damage to it entirely.  It attacked and killed me.  In the place of "You died!", I saw "...".  My score counter was completely absent.  The respawn button was faded out, and I was unable to click it.  The quit to menu button was replaced with "Delete World", as if I were on Hardcore mode.  I had no choice but to eliminate that World.

Pray you never see this creature.
What are you...?  WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!!?!?  I must warn you... my power level... IT'S OVAR 9,000!!!!
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Posted 27 December 2012 - 05:00 PM

This isn't creepypasta really. All successful forms of creepypasta were originally presented as truth and have unknown origins, whereas putting creepypasta in the title instantly tells us that it is not true

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 05:32 PM

"hurr durr this was featured in creepypasta craft"
I support nothing.



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Posted 28 December 2012 - 07:00 PM

Weird story. I read another story like this called "Enderman Eyes" which had both the perspective of the player and of the enderman. Maybe you should have this creature's perspective. Pretty good short story.



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Posted 04 January 2013 - 06:49 PM

Not bad but why did you have to include blood and mangled corpses.The bloody owriting on the walls was disturbing but everywhere else was just un needed and sounded like a last resort to me.But still though good creepypasta

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