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24/7 PvP Factions RPG Server [Citizens] [NPC] [Raid] [Factions]

factions rpg rollplay pvp player verses raid npc citizens shop

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Posted 23 December 2012 - 08:46 PM

24/7 Factions PvP Server

Plugins: Mcmmo, Factions, Citizens, CitiTrader, MagicSpells, Essentials, GroupManager, Simple Prefix, DynMap, Mob Arena, MobbountyReloaded, ChestRestock, and many more!


Peasant (Default)




Donor Ranks:




- Full Shop that sells all major items, faction power, and magic spells for people to use.

- Ranks that are fun and easy to rank up with

- Killing Mobs gives you money to spend at shop, and other various things throughout the server

- Trade and Interact with Citizens, to trade, fight, or accept quests

- Throughout the map there are many abandoned buildings and dungeons that can be looted (set up to be looted once per person)

- Server consists of several towns throughout where prices on items varies, and different quests and npc's can be found.


Some important commands that you should know are:

/c [list, help, skillname] : This commands lets you use magic, by default you can choose from 4 different default starter kits for magic

/f : Factions

/help for more

Go To www.mc-survival.sytes.net:25566 For Dynmap!!! This Helps you A LOT

Upcoming Features:

- Title Shop, where you can purchase different Titles that will be displayed by your name

- LogBlock feature, where you can purchase access to checking history of land

- Permissions Shops where you can buy extra commands to be able to use.

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