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Posted 23 December 2012 - 01:56 AM

Introduction To Our Server

Are you tired of all those "survival" servers with griefed maps and corrupted administrators? Then today might be your lucky day. We are a moderately small server, but we still have a strong community consisting of both Donators and Members. Some of our most appealing features include LWC, Skill Ranking, A Moderated PVP Arena, MultiWorld Support, and I could go on and on, but that could take hours. We hope that you enjoy your time on the server and become a part of the Adoncraft family.


General Rules:
  • Do not hack or use any mod, or an X-Ray texture pack
  • Do not grief
  • Do not ask for admin or beg for items/ranks
  • Do not build 1x1 towers
  • Do not build mushroom towers
  • Do not use the login invincibilty to kill someone
  • Do not use multiple accounts on the server

Donator rules:
  • You cannot raid a faction while flying

Admin rules:
  • No spawning items
  • No use of admin powers in pvp
  • No dropping items from creative inventory


Adoncraft Website

Apply at the website now and become an adventurer today! Becoming an adventurer will unlock many new commands and features as well as a world where builders can peacefully construct their creations!


Chaos -A free for all world where everyone can come and go. Griefing is allowed, there are no protections on chests and other belongings.

Creative - A creative mode world where the inventory is separate and everyone can own their own plot! Just use /plot auto to claim your plot and have fun building your creative structures, The plots are 64x64 so they have enough room for most reasonable structures.

PvP - A world where PvP is ENABLED and griefing is not allowed, you have to be an adventurer or higher to enter this world.

PvE - A world where pvp is DISABLED and griefing is not allowed. You have to be an adventurer or higher to enter this world

Shop - This is the world where you buy everything. It is a shop and only a shop.

ShopWorld - This is the world where you can setup your own personal shop! Claim the plot and start building. The plots are 6x6 so that you have just enough room to put your chestshops.

Ranking Chart

Commoner - The Default Rank Obtained Upon Joining

Adventurer - The Average Member's Rank

Pioneer - A Step Up From Adventurer, But No New Commands Or Abilities

Donator Ranks

  • Spawn Tree
  • Set 3 Homes
  • Admin leniency  - We give you more warnings before you ban you.

  • /back command – When you die you can use /back to return to your death point.
  • Transform into critters: Pig, Cow, Chicken, Sheep, Villager
  • All of the above

  • Teleport - /tpa
  • TeleportHere - /tpahere
  • transform: Zombie, Pigman,Skeleton,Spider, wolf
  • All of the above

  • Transform: Ghast, Creeper, slime, IronGolem, Ocelot, cavespider
  • more coming soon

  • Flying - /fly
  • Heal yourself - /heal
  • Transform: witch, Squid, snowgolem, bat, magmacube, tiny/small/big/bigger slime(includes magmaslime)
  • Set 5 homes

  • Transform: Giant, Blazeman, SilverFish, mooshroom, enderman, massive slime, tabby, tuxedo, siameese ocelot

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