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[1.4.5] [New 24/7 - No Lag Server] [JoltCraft] [White-listed] [15+ ONLY]

vanilla vanilla server

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Posted 19 December 2012 - 09:49 PM

1.4.6 - New 24/7 - No Lag = JoltCraft = White-listed - Let's Plays server - 15+ ONLY

: Rules and Guidelines :
PvP - Enabled (This is not a hardcore pvp server, nor do I want it to be.  PvP is enabled though I do not want it to be a means of looting.)
Harrasment - Do not excessivly "troll" / kill / bother someone.
Griefing - NOT Allowed.
Stealing - NOT Allowed.  (Looting a dead body and gather and replenishing a players farm is perfectly fine.)
Hacking & Cheating - Not Allowed to gain any unfair advantages over other players.
In General Use Common Sense and Be Respectful.
You Must Make Regular YouTube videos.

: How To Apply (Please Post Below)
How will you benefit the server?
Your YouTube Channel Link?
How will you benefit from the server ?:
Favorite Minecraft feature and why?:
Preferred though optional, Show me a build or two (Post images.  Viewing links ONLY from gayzo)
Skype Name:

: Please Read :
If you truly want to join our Jolt Craft community I suggest you think and fill out your application as best as possible.  Currently we are heavily filtering all submitted applications so it is in your best interest to persuade me as best possible.

: Note :
If you are accepted, i will message you with the IP Address Posted Image,
Remember it's a 15+ server (do on enter unless 15 or older)
You must make a YouTube series, in the description, link other members channels!

: My Links :

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