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Survival Server In need of help! IP in Description

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Posted 19 December 2012 - 08:03 PM

Hey Guys! Its 24natethegreat24! I have a server that needs staff! I have some very very nice staff... But i need more Trustworthy people! I need an exelent coder... I need active people! When my server is full.. I will host a Drop party with all the goodies you guys want! Anything you guys want (within limits)


I currently have about 21 plugins.. I need to get more! If you guys have any ideas Post them here! Put a description as to what they do and what it is! I am looking for 2 assistants who are strong suited in all sorts of things


[Citizen] -  Starting rank... basic Essentials commands and whatnot.
[Trusted] -  Currently not setup Posted Image but I am trying to set it up right now. I need help as to what commands they should have.
[Trial-Mod] -  Basic Rank I pick who deserves to have a shot to become mod... This is a probation. 1 big messup your back to Citizen (even if you were Trusted before.)
[Moderator] -  Moderates the server. Allowed to kick and jail and fly.... heal etc etc.
[Head-Mod] - Moderators of the Moderators. They over rule every mod... They have say in who is mod. Full world edit permissions to these guys. Almost Full Essentials as well.
[Admin] -  Full world edit, full essentials... OP allowed
[Head-Admin] -  All commands there are. They have a say in who becomes anything Consults Owner first.
[Co-Owner] - Owners best friends. Trusted with anything. Allowed to do ANYTHING as they wish. Without Breaking the rules.
[Assistants] - Owners best friends not in real life. Trusted with anything. Helps the owner with anything he needs. Even if he is lazy. xD Posted Image

I have a 3 ring checks and Balance policy. If a Co-Owner finds something going on with an admin or something. They consult the Assistants and the Owner before major action is done.

I will be adding in Mayor and Co-Mayor. I need better names for them. I need things fixed with the plugin SimpleRegionMarket.

IP to the Totally Awesome Survival Server:

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