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quick obsidian surgestion

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Posted 13 July 2010 - 02:32 AM

hi all, i tweeted notch with this a few weeks ago and never got around to posting it so here it goes

my idea is refering to the possability of obsidian causing islands to float rather then just staying in the air due to generation. i was thinking, if obsidian was given this kind of effect, obsidian could make you go higher depending on the size of the floating object and the amount of obsidian, this will also be helpfull when constucting a base. you can build one on the group with out fear of falling to your death, then once finished gradually "crank" your island up to your wanted hight by adding [if obsidian becomes obtanable] or creating obsidian blocks

a basic 10 by 10 island should have the ability to rise up ~2 blocks each time a obsidian block is added.

how ever in smp there may be some flaws in this idea from a base owners point of view
someone could effectivly distory or damage a large base by simply deleteing some of the obsidian causing the base to be on diffrent levels, leaving holes in the walls were the blocks have dropped down causeing looting and stealing.

sorry for any mistakes or flaws in this idea, i decided to type this up at 3:31 am because im stupid  :Diamond:

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