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IP: mineuniverse.iminecraft.se Come play on our friendly server with a great community!

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 10:10 PM

IP: mineuniverse.iminecraft.se:25565

Welcome to Mine Universe!

Welcome to our new and improved MineCraft survival style server. We have been working hard to make the server have the best possible user experience. We employ the use of many fun and exciting plugins, build a house, go on an adventure, make new friends! You can do it all! We invite you now to join our server atmineuniverse.iminecraft.se and start the fun. We already have a small and friendly community waiting!

What makes us unique as a server!

I have played on many servers that have just not had that nice of a community factor with them. There are factions servers, who invite many raiders and grievers, and then there are creative servers, which can get boring easily and have no reward. Our server, however, is different then those other ones. We do not let dishonest people, hackers, and people who take away the fun on the server for long. The staff prides themselves in the friendly, hard working community that we have developed. We have nice members who will always give a helping hand as well as staff that are there to make the server a better place. We do not care who has the most, or who raided the most diamonds, but instead who has the coolest creations and server ideas. With your help, we can make this one of the biggest and most welcoming servers out there, and the best place to play!


No Spamming

No Caps

No Hacks or Mods that would give unfair advantages

No asking for OP! People who do will be punished.

No x-ray

Keep the language PG, no cursing or inappropriate references.

No greifing of stealing! Our server employs the use of log block which means we will always know who did it.

No mob spawner traps to get exp.

Respect all players and staff.

Have Fun!

Staff Members:

TheMacGenius [Owner]

Bahama06 [HeadAdmin]

GuitarMan01 [Admin]

MarshallMan10 [Admin]

Mudd266 [Moderator]

Golden_Gizmo [Moderator]

xXToxic_PlayerXx [Moderator]

Blue_Wombat_01 [Moderator]

buckingirl4 [Helper]


1. Warn

2. Kick

3. Ban

Some of you may be familiar with the Lost Universe server that recently went down. Many of LU's great players have regrouped here. We would love to have you come!

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