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ScaeduCraft! IP:smp.magneticgaming.com

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Posted 15 December 2012 - 02:39 AM

Title - ScaeduCraft

Hello, and welcome to the official ScaeduCraft advertisement!  We offer an unique experience that people of all ages can love!

You may be wondering, why ScaeduCraft .. Well check out these select few of many features we offer:

Custom plugins - We have a dev who can MAKE plugins!
A planned out system - You will not get banned for no reason (Which other alot of other servers cannot claim)
We have our own gaming community that we strive to expand every day
Friendly staff - NOTE: If they mis-behave according to their rules and conduct you may report them on forums.
Events - We have events that we plan out that give away unique items and prizes.
NO PAY-TO-WIN - To those who love to pay to win (more explained further below .. do not get discouraged)
Trained staff - They have been trained to answer any of your questions with a near-100% accuracy!
Lite-Rules - We do not harass you on rules but we do expect you to follow them .. and it is not a FULL list of rules either, just simple basic ones.
Fun - We try to make a very enjoyable environment for you as the player!

More detailed stuff here:
Custom plugins - LMF (Let me fly - a non pay-to-win type flying where you have to pay for how many minutes you wish to fly [Custom made by Zanakinz])
A planned out system - We have a logging and ticketing system of sorts where anyone who does a SERVER-WIDE action they must post about and why, which reduces the chances of getting banned for no reason.
Our own gaming community - Magnetic Gaming - We do not just have interests in Minecraft but many games and absolutely love to hear other people's opinions on other games.
Friendly Staff - Self-Explanitory
Events - We will have events that will give bonus's to the community such as ranks and ingame items that will not ruin the economy/server experience for others.
NO PAY-TO-WIN - Here at Magnetic Gaming we try our best to make a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.
Trained Staff - Our staff is hand-picked and trained by our Owners & Head Admins
Lite-Rules - We do not have an extended list of rules just some basic ones that MAY be subject to change.  Also we do not harass rules on you, we expect you to know and respect the rules.

Absolutely no racism or racial slurs.
Be nice to the players aswell as the staff.
No advertising AT ALL - Do not advertise on this server, or advertise this server on anyone elses server!
No excessive swearing - A few swear words are alright, just do not go over-board
No spamming
No use of hack clients

Whitelist Application: (POST ON WEBSITE/FORUMS)
IRL Name (no last name for security reasons) -
Ingame name -
Nickname you wish to be called -
Age (Optional) -
Why us -

Server Specs:
5GB Ram


Server IP:







Donation packages:
None ATM .. This is subject to change - We need to figure out how to best suite this to our "No pay-to-win" plan!

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