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McMistlia [Economy] [PvP] [Hunger Games] [Life&Business] [Realistic] [Unique Gameplay] [No whitelist] [Wild]

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 11:14 PM

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Minecraft McMistlia Server
Welcome to Mislia Server!
This server is based on economy, PvP
Members can have own houses, rent or buy. You can also customize your house too!
There are ranks. Each have different abilities such as ceretain percentage discount of everything! and plus colors. (Colors indicate ranks too)
Different Dimensions included!
3Major towns and cities!
This server gives you realistic life experience. Make money, buy anything you want!
Can also have a business and jobs to earn money for a better real life experience
All friendly staffs and members
Hacked clients + Premium accounts can play together!
Unique Gameplay style
23 out of 21 rated !

-Can range between 1000~3500
-If you become a manager, you will get 20% boost pay
-If you are manager and someone works for you, you will get %10 boost pay but need to pay that person (EACH)
-If you own a shop or restaurant or store, 5% goes to tax (Sharkin64)
ip: play.mistlia.us.to
Post your IGN to get [Member+] Title!

Website: http://mcmistlia.webs.com/
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1 No breaking blocks
2 No Scamming
3 No Greifing
4 No Bragging
5 No Spam
6 No Asking for Admins
7 No hacking
8 No swearing
9 No Fire
10 No Lava
11 No TNT!

For more info, please visit http://mcmistlia.webs.com/ or join the server!

Please contact [email protected] if you need help!

[Bronze] $5000
[Silver] $12000
[Gold] $78000
[AdvGold] $195000
Staff Class
[Diamond] $720000
[AdvDiamond] $1450000
[AurDiamond] $3620000
ADMIN class
[Platinum] $15000000
[AdvPlatinum] $18000000
[AurPlatinum] $30000000
[AntiPlatinum] Not Possible
Rent: 850-1k
Buy: 8-12k

Rent: 1-3k
Buy: 12-20k

[Mistlia Town]
Rent: 1-3k
Buy: 15-22k

Rent: 3-5k
Buy: 22-55k

Rent: 10-20k
Buy: 50-175k

Visit Us in facebook! : https://www.facebook...iaserver?ref=hl
ip: play.mistlia.us.to
Post your IGN to get [Member+] Title!

Have fun!

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