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New Server, +30 Plugins, Survival, Factions! 24/7 24 Max Players

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 08:10 PM

Server Ip:
PVP Server Ip: nitroxtheft.net    Website: Nitro's Website
   Donation page:   Nitro's Server   
                                      You can donate in-game with the command "/buy"

Server Ranks [Original] :

[Noob]>   Join Server.
[Member]>  Achieve 10 posts on server forum.
[AdvMember]> Achieve 30 posts on server forum.
[Builder]  Donate $2
[VIP]  Donate $7
[VIP+]  Donate $15
[Premium]  Donate $25
[Moderator]  Donate $35
[Admin]  Donate $50
[Super Admin]  Donate $100
[Super Epic Admin]  Donate $150   [ Talk to Owner Before donating ]
[Operator]  Become a trusted Admin or higher.
[Co-Owner]  Become EXTREMELY trusted Operator. OR Talk to Owner about donating $250.
[God]  Be either NitroxTheft, Seawest, Ipodmaster96, or Cathoolu.
[Owner]  Be the one and only NitroxTheft.

Server Ranks [PVP] :

[Citizen]>  Join the server.
[Explorer]>  Play on the server for 5 hours.
[Warrior]>  Play on the server for 25 hours.
[Noble]  Donate $10
[Knight]  Donate $25
[Paladin]  Donate $50
[Champion] Donate $100
[Lord]  Be selected by staff   [ Temporary ].
[God]  Be selected by the owner  [ Temporary ].
[Owner]  Be NitroxTheft

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