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==[RAG]Craft==No Item loss on Death=GriefPrenvention==Shops=Portals=Much Much More=

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Posted 13 December 2012 - 08:32 PM

Hi Everyone

We are a new server setup to cater for all types of minecraft players

Our server has a Grief Prevention plugins that allows all players the ability to make sure thier buildings are safe and sound and be able to fend off those naught griefers

There are a large range of Jobs to choose from catering for every type of player. Players have the ability to select upto 4 jobs at a time making money have never been this easy

All players are giving a starting back on arrivial to assits will the first night of survivial and to assits them in building there house quicker

The Portal System makes it quick and easy the move from one Biome to another. Not to mentions the tree revmoval pugin that can remove a tree with just chopping the base block down, timber cutting has never been this easy

Shops at spawn are avialble for anyone to use and to seeling thier spare resources to make mony making it possible to purchase diamonds and much much more,

so Please join us

The server has helpful, kind and let me say good looking staff the are more then willing to help out with and problems you may be having, whether it is other players been offensive and just needing help to setup your claims the staff will help you to the highest level of diligance.

The ip Is

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