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Diamond's Edge {100 slots} {RPG} {Vanilla} {jobs} {Economy} {Adult Admins}

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  • Location: England
  • Minecraft: lemziipie

Posted 12 December 2012 - 05:45 PM

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Welcome to Diamond’s Edge!

A fun and exciting server built on a loving community and cool features

Diamond’s Edge has been in the works for 6 months by a group of friends. Our task: to create a Minecraft server that is fast, simple and fair.

We feel a lot of servers are complicated and are kind of hard to get into. To tackle this we have two worlds:

Vanilla- Standard Minecraft. No whitelisting, anyone can join. Vanilla has a few added features like homes, protection zones and chest locking.

RPG- For serious Minecrafters. To get into this world you need to submit a character form on our forum. This world contains Towns, Nations, a hand crafted economy, NPCs, and shops that players can set up + more.

Why do we think you’ll love Diamond’s Edge?

Plugins: Our server features plugins that enhance Minecraft and make it more fun.

Adult Admins: All of our Administrators and Moderators are adults. We are fair, kind and play Minecraft just like you.

Anti-grief and Anti-Cheat: We know how horrible griefers and cheaters can make Minecraft. Which is why we do not tolerate them at all. No warnings, you grief and you get banned. If a player gets griefed we can roll back the damage in seconds and then ban the griefer.

Simple: Our server features a forum that contains a tutorial for just about anything. Admins are also happy to help.

Fast: Our server runs on the latest hardware to ensure that your gameplay is not effected.

Donation system: We run a Donation System where players get rewarded for donating. All money goes towards the running of the server.

Events: We host monthly events allowing players including PVP Wars and XP Farming. Donators get special boss events.

Fun: At the end of the day Minecraft is all about fun, and we believe we have the key to it.

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lemziipie ; eighteen ; united kingdom ; moderator at sahirocraft

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Posted 10 April 2013 - 01:06 PM

hey i used to play on this untill it got whitelistied i was very good friends with everyone could you please consider adding me to the whitelist?