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The Hobbit Role Play - Lord of the Rings [RP][24/7][Races][Classes][Custom Plugins][Custom Map]

rp roleplay middle earth lord of the rings the hobbit hobbit rhovanion lotr role play 24/7

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  • Minecraft: Dragons5439

Posted 12 December 2012 - 02:21 AM


Server/Community Forums:

Vent Information:
IP: iodine.typefrag.com
Port: 47380

Texture Pack Download (If Spout fails you):

Three thousand years ago, the Last Alliance of Elves and Men marched against the Dark Lord Sauron in the land of Mordor.  The fighting was great, and thousands met their demise.  But in the end, the Alliance proved victorious and threw down the Dark Lord and his servants, securing a new Age of peace in Middle Earth.

A video summary for the literary impaired.

That age, the Third Age, is drawing to a close.  The Dwarves and Goblins fought a dreadful war across the Misty Mountains, and whole towns lie in ruins across Rhovanion.  Smaug rains destruction from his new lair within the Lonely Mountain, above the now destroyed city of Dale.  The Men of Dale have fled southward, building a new Lake Town on Esgaroth as their home.  Meanwhile, other villages have been ravaged from new invasions from the Easterlings of Rhun.  The Elves are in disarray in the south as the power of the Three Rings begins to fade and Thranduil in the north must cope with new Goblin armies marching from Gundabad.  The future is dark.  How will you play?

Posted Image
A map made by one of our artists.

Welcome to The Hobbit Role Play, the latest Unlimited Clan Role Playing server!  The Hobbit Role Play, or THRP for short, is an intense role play server based in Tolkien’s Middle Earth.  The server is based in the North East of Middle Earth, otherwise known as the region of Rhovanion.  The entire experience will be based around Tolkien’s work, but will be influenced by your and other’s choices.  It is currently a few years before the events in The Hobbit, so you are free to attempt any undertakings of your own you may wish to have: will you try to rebuild the human kingdoms in the North?  Will you try to retake fortresses from the Easterlings?  Will you train a brave squad to raid Smaug’s lair (not advised)?  The fate of Rhovanion lies with you and everyone else in the server.

Posted Image
An orc raid.

Some important points:
1)   This server is entirely role play.  You must remain in character at all time, and breaking character is forbidden.
2)   There are a few rules to follow while role playing (listed below).  These are to prevent general chaos, so for the most part, you are free to do as you wish.

So, if you’re looking at other role playing servers, what separates us from the others you may have encountered?

What we offer:
  • 100% hand built map – We worked weeks on it, and you will fall immediately into the server.
  • Custom Texture Pack – It will be forced with Spoutcraft.
  • Whitelist
  • Unique Class System – Build your character as you like by placing skill points in trees.  You can either specialize or be a “Jack of All Trades”
  • Different Races – Play as a Human, Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit, or even a Goblin
  • Custom Plugins
  • A good roleplaying environment
  • Much more!
What we require:
  • Maturity
  • Decency
  • Appropriate Minecraft Skin (as befits your character)
  • Spoutcraft (This is necessary, instructions on how to install are below)
  • Join our website (http://unlimitedclan...forum/forum.php) as your best place for information about events in the server and coordinating with other players of the community.
  • An Open Mind
Posted Image
Posted Image
Elves in battle.

In order to join, you must fill out an application on the character you will be role playing as and await acceptance by one of the whitelisters.  They will look over applications once a day, so please be patient.  If you are denied, you are not disqualified forever; they just want to ensure you have a decent character to role play as, one that won’t ruin the experience for others and is developed enough to give you a good story to work through.

The staff will not be responsible for creating the role play (Though that doesn’t mean we won’t).  That main responsibility falls to the community, and with many servers of experience, there are many in the community who know how to inspire their own events.

Your In Game Name (IGN, Minecraft Login):
Your Time Zone (GMT please):
Your Character’s Name:
Your Character’s Race:
Your Character’s Age:
Your Character’s Biography (History of your character, and a little about his/her personality):

The Description must be at least 250 words in length.  No exceptions.

If you have any questions about the lore of THRP, please feel free to read any of Tolkien’s books.  If questions still exist, or you can’t get a hold of any of his books, feel free to read the Lord of the Rings Wiki (link below), and immerse yourself.  If you still need help, feel free to contact me (Dragons5439) or my staff with any questions.
Head Admin: Me (Dragons5439)
Head Tech (and other Admin): LartTyler
American Moderators: MrFunEGUY and Fatesguard
European Moderators: Jefies and Amiadush
Whitelisters: Dragons5439 and MrFunEGUY

Link to Lord of the Rings Wiki: http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page

Posted Image
Destroyed city of Dale.

As a final note, you may want to know the rules surrounding role play on the server.  If there are any questions, please ask before you get into the server.
1)   No powergaming (being invincible or not role playing fear, also not letting others respond to role play)
2)   No metagaming (taking of information out of role play and using it in role play)
3)   No killing without role play before the fight (not including the PVP area)
4)   No griefing (this includes breaking into someone else's house, or placing blocks, not ladders, to climb over walls).
5)   Build within role play – do not make 1x1 structures.
6)   No magic is to be used by any player either as an explanation for role play or to influence an action (no one is an Istari).
7)   Do not to keep an obscene amount of animals (to prevent lag).  This means anything over 6 of each.
8)   Keep to the Tolkien mythos (Example: Elvish is in the multiple forms provided, such as Quenyan and Sindarin.  Not in "The Ancient Language" or any of that Eragon mumbo-jumbo).
9)   Stay in character at all times - there are consequences with breaking role play called RPVs (Role Play Violations).  Being given 3 RPVs will signify a one week temporary ban.

Posted Image
Lake Town on Esgaroth

Getting Spoutcraft
It’s really quite simple.  Just follow this link (http://get.spout.org/) and download the client.  Again, I will be able to answer all your questions if you have any, just send me a private message.

See you in Rhovanion!

Frequently Asked Questions (Questions people sent me and I feel I should answer in public)
1) Who will be doing the whitelisting?
I will, and will publicly state whether you made it or not.  If you didn't, I will give feedback so that your application can be fixed.

MrFunEGUY, one of my moderators, will also assist in whitelisting (particularly during the week).  He will also give feedback and add you immediately to the whitelist.

2) What specifically are the playable races?  (This person was lazy, but hey, I'm nice)
There are two groups: the Free People and the Forces of Evil.  As a player, you may choose:

Free People: Men (including Beornings), Elves (Avari/Noldorian/Silvan), Dwarves, Hobbits
Forces of Evil: Easterlings

You may not choose to play as Smaug, and you may not choose to play as the Goblins.

3) Can I be named Bard?
You may not take the name of any major character in Tolkien's stories.  Create your own person.

4) Do you have any suggestions about making a biography for an Elf character?
Yes!  Here is a quick guide (Thank you PhluXx1!).
None of the "bonuses" mentioned are added to the server, they are only for your role play experience.

5) What are some guidelines for making a good Dwarf Character?

Well, here's another small list (not anywhere as detailed as the Elf one, sorry), but it should help in the creation of a Dwarf character.

6) If I'm chasing someone, and they run into their house and lock the door, can I break the wall to go in after them?

Try to avoid it.  This is a role play server, not focusing on a strong PVP aspect (though those elements exist).  These scenarios will really be judged on a case by case scenario, but an honest attempt to role play with the person (including offering to take them hostage/accept a bribe) must be given.  If, in the case of war, the enemy goes and locks themselves inside a small room (and won't surrender), you are free to pursue.

7) The gates outside a city are locked, and I can't get inside.  And it's my racial city!

Yell louder ("/c sh" is the command to yell, and reaches about 70 blocks, which should be far enough to reach across most of a habitable city).  Try not to dig through the wall, as you may destroy the redstone running the gates, and we will be most displeased about that (and we'll find out, since you can't place redstone).

Posted Image
The Entrance to the Lonely Mountain

Whitelist (If your name isn't here and you've applied, you need to fix your application).
(Latest review is on page 48)
Current Race Count:

Midgetofthewest (Dwarf)
Dragonsreach (Human)
Huntlocker (Elf)
Coolyo936 (Human)
Stark_ (Dwarf)
PhluXx1 (Elf)
Crazyal888 (Human)
Hampeey (Dwarf)
Iplox (Human)
Morganking (Dwarf)
Skitterd (Human)
DeathScarlet (Elf)
Nimane (Human) / Nimane9 (?)
sales5man (Hobbit)
VinnyTheAssassin (Easterling)
Dev77 (Hobbit)
Edapurg (Dwarf)
Popinjazz (Human)
Skattlewagon (Dwarf)
Maccacad3 (Elf)
Darthsrn (Elf)
randy_inglefield (Dwarf)
Babado (Dwarf)
Lokin90 (Dwarf)
FlackShack (Hobbit)
Roliim (Human)
Jossar (Easterling)
Shal5 (Elf)
Telmach (Easterling)
3VN (Elf)
YINNY (Dwarf)
Juckil (Hobbit)
Kuloko (Dwarf)
Mizura6 (Elf)
Orange_Tango (Easterling)
PreppyInPlaid (Elf)
Lloydfries (Elf)
Joshzoladz (Dwarf)
doomking94 (Dwarf)
vdeangelis22 (Elf)
blinky247 (Easterling)
Georpthey (Human)
Morgenss (Human)
Helldome (Human)
l27Taco (Dwarf)
Slashercats (Human)
Don_rosa (Hobbit)
Khama (Dwarf)
Blizzard9434 (Hobbit)
Fvlc (Human)
Ballnazor (Dwarf)
coolname176 (Hobbit)
Mezular (Hobbit)
roblitz91 (Elf)
Watty11 (Human)
Catralin (Dwarf)
Ejax (Easterling)
steele578 (Human)
Joshuahood2000 (Hobbit)
BoatsOnGoats (Hobbit)
HptmDavidson (Dwarf)
Chauck (Hobbit)
Baudgee (Hobbit)
SpicyLemur (Human)
dancingfish (Hobbit)
Mcfancypanaloons (Human)
DaylightKiller (Human)
Ckrt1 (Human)
Skinnyninja99 (Human)
Sniperinh3ll (Human)
BlkWhirlWind (Easterling)
Dynamite8100 (Easterling)
Rabbitgrills5 (Hobbit)
Spicy_Orange1 (Human)
MarcD25 (Elf)
visualjaw (Human)
Danny64 (Hobbit)
WhiteReaper (Elf)
Lionlord123 (Beorning)
Phattguy (Dwarf)
JustinIzHeer (Human)
RussianNova (Human)
Imperiex (Elf)
flee784 (Dwarf)
Cazyrfc (Elf)
Feokris (Human)
Spim_ (Elf)
Lolo16 (Elf)
Flexikedia (Dwarf)
Flashedcashew (Human)
Frag_Sandwich (Human)
Posted Image

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 02:23 AM

Reserved for Future Posts.

Posted Image
Please follow the rules of the forums located here: Rules

If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact me!




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Posted 12 December 2012 - 03:47 AM

*whispers under his breath* Dick move but hey what the hell. Reserved as well! BACK YOU FOWL BEASTS!! no wait those are chickens we shouldnt be much trouble...



time zone
us central

Char name
Clucky McCluck

char age
not sure about 6

Evil chicken lord


Clucky started life on the Brackenbrook family farm it was a nice life he was fed allowed to roam where ever he pleased and do whatever he liked the Brackenbrook were a nice farming family who took care of the chickens. then the chickens were sold to another farm due too financial trouble this new farm was just down the way and the farmer was of small stature. This new farmer was nice trying to be like the Brackenbrook and letting the chickens run about and enjoy themselves . After 10 years the farmer wondered about the one named clucky the seemed quite healthy and it acceded like it was the king of the chickens so the farmer decided that he was to become the main dish for the upcoming feast. A group of the hens heard the farmer say so to his wife they told clucky. That’s where his resentment of people began . him and a few other roosters began plotting to kill the farmer after the Brackenbrook son had tried playing with magic and had unwittingly had enchanted clucky. Later that week when the farmer came to take clucky and behead him the chickens began attacking the farmer under Clucky’s orders. After successfully killing the farmer they began liberating the chickens at other farms. Clucky’s armies were beginning to take shape. Now after taking on small pockets of armed resistance and much of his army has been destroyed but he will not stop he will free his brothers and sisters from their oppressors

yes i just did for the hell of it

@ huntlocker sound better?

@ all who were there were there for the chicken thread this begins a "way of the sith" that goes on to the of chicken of bree

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 02:57 PM

As one of the builders and a member of this community for over a year, I highly reccomend applying, even if you have never roleplayed before, it is a ton of fun and we have one of the best communities ever. I have high hopes that this could be one of the greatest servers of all time.

Also, reserved for my application.
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Posted 12 December 2012 - 03:29 PM

I love Road to Ages, loved the server after that (Even if I was hardly active), and I'm sure I'll love this one! You guys never seem to dull in the place of rp! I hope I can somehow bring back on of my older characters in one way or another

May be reserved for my application, if I am allowed >w>

Already posted, hopefully my bleak and bland knowledge of LotR allows me to be accepted ;w;



    Tree Puncher

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 03:51 PM

As Head Builder[?], you should really apply. Its great fun roleplaying, and we have experience in our community for things like this.

Join up!

Your In Game Name (IGN, Minecraft Login): midgetofthewest
Your Time Zone (GMT please): GMT+0
Your Character’s Name: Glain II Longbeard
Your Character’s Race: Dwarf
Your Character’s Age: Around 65
Your Character’s Biography (History of your character, and a little about his/her personality):

After living in Ered Luin for the remaining part of his life, Kanor, at the ripe old age of 210, he decided to go and meet his friend and kin, Dain II Ironfoot, to reminisce on old memories, and, as it was soon to be Durin's Day, they would go and pay respect to those many thousands that were lost and slain in the Black Chasm, Moria. It was a sad time in his life, a time of strife and desperation. Before his departure, he readied himself, and his fellow companions gave him food and armour for his journey. However, he could not bring it to himself to leave without his son, Glain, who was named after Kanor's father. And so, at the young age of 65, Glain travelled across Middle-Earth, towards the Iron Hills. After 3 years of travelling, meeting the Elves at Rivendell and many a brawl with Goblins in the Misty Mountains, they reached Mirkwood and later Lake-Town, where they made a final trek up towards the Iron Hills, carefully avoiding The Lonely Mountain, as the memory of Smaug appeared in their head.

After 4 years, they reached the Iron Hills, where Kanor spent the rest of his days within the royal house of Dain II Ironfoot. However, Glain, being the protective type, sought to help his kin on the battlefield and engineering of new towers, walls and keeps around the surrounding mountains. He was encouraged to do this due to the ongoing attacks and raids from Easterlings, Goblins and tribesmen from the Rhunic plains.

However, this is not all helped the Dwarves with. He was also a valiant fighter, not too cocky in the battlefield, but bold enough to start to strike fear into the eyes of the enemy. Whenever needed, he will come to help. He serves the Dwarves of the Iron Hills with pride and love for those he met just a few years ago, which goes fast for Dwarves whilst mining and creating magnificent halls deep within the roots of the mountains.

"Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To seek the pale enchanted gold.
The dwarves of yore made mightly spells,
While hammers fell like ringing bells
In places deep, where dark things sleep,
In hollow halls beneath the fells."



Posted 12 December 2012 - 04:25 PM

Your In Game Name (IGN, Minecraft Login):  Dragonsreach
Your Time Zone (GMT please): GTM +0
Your Character’s Name: Draven Clark
Your Character’s Race: Human
Your Character’s Age: 29
Your Character’s Biography (History of your character, and a little about his/her personality):

Scott came from a low class family consisting of mainly farmers; his family owned a large plot outside of the local town which his father and his two other brothers helped take care off. His mother was one of the most beautiful women in the city and was well known for her grand baking skills that she tried to pass down her family from many years of different recipes, but Scott was the only one that took interest. He was young and curios at the time but he didn’t know that soon dark times would be ahead.

Dark times came over his town, disease and ill hygiene filled the streets causing pandemics and hundreds of deaths, although none of his family were lost to this his father was very ill and forced to stop work. Through harsh winter it was just him and his two brothers working on the farm in the harsh and cold conditions, this would continue for another two years which in the time his father showed little improvement. They all continued work on the farm till Scott made the age of 18 and the harshest farming year was to come, storms and blizzards filled the air ruining all the towns crops and causing a local famine lowering the population and trapped inside from the weather his mother would not last and slowly be lost.

After the dark winter and the loss of his mother Scott’s father sank into deep depression never talking and rarely getting out of bed, he was slowly starving himself and he knew that it would take him. He only cared that his sons looked after the farm and made his mother proud. And like that... he was gone also. At this point Scott could only believe that it can get better from here but in later months and talk of war begins to rise, he knew that the war was going to be long and hard but someone would have to look after the farm. It seemed like a dream that had come true but only a few weeks later he sees his brothers packing beginning to leave. Wearing their full uniforms and saying there final goodbyes to Scott and friends, And like that he was alone. With nothing but his mother’s recipes and teachings and his father’s farm. He knew he could not help in the war but he would help back home providing food for the people and making his father and mother proud.


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Posted 12 December 2012 - 05:00 PM

Your In Game Name: DeathScarlet
Your Time Zone: GMT +0
Your Character’s Name: Merildess Ullothwen
Your Character’s Race: Elf
Your Character’s Age: 98
Your Character’s Biography:
Merildress is young compared to other elves but she doesn't let that bother her since she was raised by her loving parents to try her best at what she does. Either its arts such as poetry or if its training to use a bow and sword for fighting, though she prefers to study the arts instead of combat. She can get along with anyone since she is kind, caring and sometimes a bit too careless but yet she remains quiet and mostly keeps to herself, still gladly helping in anyway she can when possible. Since she has been focusing for the arts and not combat she doesn't venture out much and so doesn't have much experience in combat, though she will jump at the chance to take a walk around so she can be seen walking around mostly while in thought since the world she mostly knows about is full of peace and of no need for the knowledge of combat skills and she wishes to keep it that way for as long as possible. She can be found mostly writing poems or just walking around, and sometimes practising combat  but mostly seen carrying on her artistic work. She has recently moved away from her parents and has settled into her own house to gain more room for the storage of her books and belongings. She has also been hard at work trying to write the best poems and making other forms of art to pass her time until something else may happen or intervene from her daily routine.
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Posted 12 December 2012 - 06:30 PM

Can't wait



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Posted 12 December 2012 - 06:53 PM


Your In Game Name (IGN, Minecraft Login):  Babado
Your Time Zone (GMT please): GMT 0000
Your Character’s Name: Nrarr Coppermelter
Your Character’s Race: Dwarf
Your Character’s Age: I'm going to say 100, I think that is youngish for a dwarf?
Your Character’s Biography (History of your character, and a little about his/her personality):

Nrarr and his family lived in Dale, after they moved there from Erebor a dwarven stronghold in the Lonely Mountain. His father was a blacksmith, producing armour for Dale’s army, and Nrarr was his apprentice. Two days before the dragon attacked, Nrarr was sent up to to meet a shop keeper based in the Iron Hills, who was interested in purchasing something from them in return for iron.

Nrarr left in the early hours of day, a week before the attack. He travelled to Iron Hills securing the shipment of iron from the shop keeper.  On the way back he was attacked by bandits and dumped near Esgaroth. Two residents found his body and took him back to a town cleric, he was unconscious for nearly a day. When he woke, the cleric told him of the destruction of dale. Nrarr was instantly worried as his father never often left Dale, and he had most likely perished when Smaug attacked. The cleric informed him that his father had survived, but was in a very bad way. Nrarr was allowed to sit next to his father, and he sat with him the few moments before his father died.

Now a days, Nrarr tries to make a living doing whatever he can, he  mainly offers blacksmith work, and usually travels around selling goods he has found.

After Nrarr learned that Dale had burned down, he suffered from severe depression and has only recovered recently.



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Posted 12 December 2012 - 07:47 PM

View Postmizura6, on 12 December 2012 - 03:47 AM, said:

*whispers under his breath* Dick move but hey what the hell. Reserved as well! BACK YOU FOWL BEASTS!! no wait those are chickens we shouldnt be much trouble...

The chicken lord is back? RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Posted Image
Please follow the rules of the forums located here: Rules

If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact me!


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Posted 12 December 2012 - 07:47 PM

Reserved For Application


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Posted 12 December 2012 - 08:48 PM

Your In Game Name:
Your Time Zone:
GMT +1, Norway
Your Character’s Name:
Cereneron Felmiril (he returns, yeah!)
Your Character’s Race:
Your Character’s Age:
Unknown, before the first age started. Possibly over 15 000 years.
Your Character’s Biography:
I take one last sip from the bowl of water before I turn to tell my story to the curious stranger.

A long time ago in the lands of Valinor the Noldorin Elf, Cereneron Felmiril lived. My memory of this time is faded, for it is too long ago.  My first clear memory of this time is shortly before my departure, or exile if that is what you wish to call it. I was under the rule of Fëanor. Melkor had stolen the silmarils and slaughtered Finwë and we were pursuing him. Hunting him. Melkor, now named ''Morgoth'', fled to Middle-Earth. Our master, Fëanor was determined to hunt down the Dark Lord. And so we did. We went North, only to find that the Teleri refused to let us take their ships. And then there was death.

Our fierce leader was, as said, determined to hunt down and slay Morgoth. So determined that he would even kill those of his own kind to reach his destination. And so he did. I was there when he drew first blood. A poor unsuspecting elf, killed by this stranger demanding their ships. I was there at the Kinslaying. If not for Fingon aiding us I fear I might have perished. But he came, and I left to Middle-Earth. For long years I aided in the building of Gondolin, and eventually I settled in the amazing elven city.

Decades... No, centuries, pass in a whir. I become a part of the House of the Heavenly arch of Gondolin, one of the archer guilds in this city. Constant battles between the Noldorin Exiles and the forces of Morgoth. After some 500 years our city is shattered. A traitor decides to reveal our location to the evil master. I am sent out, along with a few dozen other elves as messengers to other settlements and warning them of the impeding battle. For this reason I survive, but many do perish. My friends, Aelondar and Belchanar, pass to the next world.

I am present at Morgoth's downfall. I witness the dark lord being pushed into the void. A gleam of light and then all evil has passed for a few millenia to come. I decide to break off from the rest of the elves. For a long time I live wherever my feet take me, wandering wildly. I do not know how long I spent away from other elves, but it must have been over a thousand years, for the Second Age had long been when I met another settlement made by my kinfolk.

I was out in the forest when I stumbled upon another stray elf. For hours I followed, unnoticed, until he made it to a camp. No more than 30 elves. Feasting on elven bread, telling tales around the campfire. Silvan Elves. Weak elves.
"Aaye" I greet them, holding up my hands to show I mean no harm.
"Mae Govannen, elven friend" An elf says from the back. He stands tall. I study him. He is different. Majestic. His light armor is not like those of the Teleri. It takes me a few seconds, but then I see. He is an Avari!
"I am Raen-Or, and if my eyes are not fooling me you are one of the Noldorin"
I smile and study him once again. "My name is Cereneron Felmiril, of the House of the Heavenly Arch of Gondolin, follower of Fëanor. What brings you out to the depths of Mirkwood?"
"I wish not tell you anything before you tell me your purpose here." the large elf said
"A long time ago I left those of my kin, and I have been here since. My story is not for now, I wish to hear yours" I said.
"Grim news, sadly." A frown appeared on his face. "A new dark lord has risen. Sauron. He has attempted to enslave the masters of this realm. Our elven lords are at war with this evil power. These lands are no longer safe. More and more orc and goblin scouting parties are seen around here. Some are massive, hundreds of  foul beasts. I am part of a scouting party. We are here to slaughter any orcs we can find."

Having not been a part of the world for one thousand and seven hundred years I took this chance and joined them after a quick test of skill. Even after so long my hands could still hold a bow steady and shoot a target long before they could spot me. After 2 suns and moons of wandering, just as sunset was approaching we spotted a group. 15 goblins and 10 orcs. No problem for 30 heavily armed and skillful elves. I take the first shot from the forest. I take out the one that seems to be the leader, bearing many marks on his body. Soon the air is filled with arrows. Before my target has hit the ground not a single dark scout remains.

I follow the scouting party for a while. Raen-Or leaves a fortnight after I join the group, for he had business elsewhere. And that was the last I ever saw of Raen-Or. I pray that he has not fallen to the foul beasts of this world, and that we might meet again one day. We move north and after many minor clashes only 18 elves remain. Rivendell was our destination. The future elven settlement is still being constructed, but it is nearly finished. Elrond is the master of this realm. A half-elf. A weak race.

And so time passes. I take part in the war, although it passes only after a few years. I spend time honing my skills both in craftsmanship and archery. Sauron's power grows, and in the end we have to face him. We march to face the enemy. The largest army ever assembled since the fall of Morgoth. Countless numbers of men and elves march to the doorstep of the enemy. And then there is victory. Sauron's body is destroyed and we will have peace. The last Noldor High King, Gil-Galad is slaughtered by the dark lord. The line of the High Kings has ended.

With peace I wander back into the wilds with no goal in mind. Just walk wherever my feet take me. I cross all habitable parts of Middle-earth. East to the vast plains of Rhun, South to the deserts of Harad, West to the southern parts of Gondor and then North. Up north I met a strange folk. Hobbits. They look like humans, just smaller. Lively, yet serene. The Shire they call this place. I have no time for such minor folk so I move on, West, to Harlindon and the lands in which I once lived.

Centuries pass. The Third Age is still young but evil is already growing. I aid an army of elves in the siege of Carn Dûm. Sauron and the Witch King are growing stronger. But the elves are growing fewer. Many have already left, and most plan to leave. These lands provide only death for our kind. But I had not the same mindset as many other elves. I had lived here for long, and this was my home. No true warrior should ever run in the face of danger. I was going to stay and protect the people of these lands for as long as I could. Perhaps it is time to return to the forests of Mirkwood, where I started this long journey?

And so is my story.

Cereneron is a lonely elf. He prefers the solitude of the forest rather than feasting with friends, although when with other people he will always stay cheerful and do what he can do please the others. This elf has a sly tongue and can twist the minds of even the most determined. When he has set a goal he will do what he can do complete it, nearly no matter the consequences. His long life has filled him with bitterness, with little patience. He has no interest in the pathetic short lives of humans, dwarves and what else might be lurking around, and other elves are few in number.

The reason I chose not to write anything about the last ~2000 years of the Third Age is because there is so much information on this age that I fear I might be writing something wrong. The further back in time I write the less I need to worry about being completely correct to the lore. I want other people to interpret my character in their own way, rather than having him set in stone.
Yes to you observant veterans out there, this biography is completely different to that of Cereneron Felmiril of the first MERP. The reason for this was that my first story sucked.
Yay for more UCgamingcommunity servers
To Dragons5439: If me including Raen Or in my story is non-canon or unwanted then I will replace the character with another one without problem.

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 08:56 PM

Your In Game Name (IGN, Minecraft Login): Liltox22
Your Time Zone (GMT please): EST
Your Character’s Name: Eredor the Rutheless
Your Character’s Race: Elf
Your Character’s Age: 429
Your Character’s Biography (History of your character, and a little about his/her personality):
  Eredor the Rutheless had a particularly sad life up to now, as all of the human race sees it. His mother died when he was born, his father no longer wanted him, tried to kill him, got caught and fled, and the rest of his family appeared very distant. To Eredor though, it was not full of heartbreak or sorrow, it was full of anger and revenge. Eredor did not like to be called rutheless though, nor did he like to be angry, all he wanted was someone to love him and to always be near him. Finally though, a new woman, named Fatima moved to town, and they grew very close, possibly even too close. One day, as Eredor was returning from his trip to the springs, he returned only to see his, along with everyone else's house, ravaged and burnt to cinders. Fatima was nowhere to be found. No one was anywhere to be found. This is where Eredor's sad story continues. Eredor found a new home along with a slightly quiet lifestyle away from everyone else, but always open to visitors. Eredor's finds himself struggling every time he begins growing close to someone, ever since what happened to Fatima, and he always wondered if he'd ever see her again.




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Posted 12 December 2012 - 08:58 PM

View Postdarthsrn, on 12 December 2012 - 02:57 PM, said:

As one of the builders and a member of this community for over a year, I highly reccomend applying, even if you have never roleplayed before, it is a ton of fun and we have one of the best communities ever. I have high hopes that this could be one of the greatest servers of all time.
I second this statement iv been with the community for a little over a year and i recommend giving this a shot. its bound to be fun.

To those who stumble on this tread and are kinda like "im not sure" look at those who have left and are returning.

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 09:04 PM


I second this statement iv been with the community for a little over a year and i recommend giving this a shot. its bound to be fun.

To those who stumble on this tread and are kinda like "im not sure" look at those who have left and are returning.
When is the server going to start? The 27th?


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Posted 12 December 2012 - 09:08 PM

View PostLiltox22, on 12 December 2012 - 09:04 PM, said:

When is the server going to start? The 27th?
Yes, assuming we don't get delayed. It seems that we will make it though.

Anyways, come on guys, we need more applications!

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 09:27 PM

I return.
Who missed me?



Reserved for application.

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 09:52 PM

Also guys, you should perhaps replace your When Darkness Falls banner signatures, that time is long gone.

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 10:18 PM

View PostLiltox22, on 12 December 2012 - 09:04 PM, said:

When is the server going to start? The 27th?

Yes, and as of right now, I don't foresee any major delays.  We're pressing hard for that release date, so get pumped!


I'll look over applications/give feedback later, but they're looking well written so far.  

As ever, if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or post it here.
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