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Minecraft Horses

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Posted 10 December 2012 - 03:00 AM

This is my frist mod idea and will need help with the coding and texters and stuff like that.

Frist all the horses would spawn in herds in a  biome(depented on their breeds)

Stallons would be identified by the color of their eyes (red,navy,black,gray,and brown)

The wild horse breeds could be a mustang(plains biome),donkey and zebra(desert biome)

If you catch a horse then you can take it back to a corral and then start taming them.
you can tame them by making a whip and hiting one block behind them.
This would cuase the horse to run in a complete cricle. As you do this process you could see the horse go from angery to freindly. This could be symbolized by the ears going from pinned ack to straint up.
Once the ears are upright then stop these process. the horse will ethier come to you or run away.

At any point you can throw on a saddle and ride the bronc out of the horse(the more you do step one the better chance you have of nbot being thrown off.

Now on to breeding if you were to breed say a stallon horse of whatever color and a donkey then you get a mule. If you take that mule and then breed it with anthor horse then you get a clydstally.These breed would pull carts and wagons and chariots and plows. Morew on breeding would be involed in the real mod like if you breed a blck pinto and a brown horse then you get a brown pinto and so on. More on recips also later.

Parond my spelling.

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