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Posted 08 December 2012 - 06:15 AM

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Server IP:

Connect to:



Visit Us @ http://dbgaming.org

About Us:

dBGaming.org has been hosting servers since 2008. 4 years of experience and we're just getting started. With over 6,000 members and a vast collection of supported games. We know what you want! Low ping and mature players are what you'll find. We won't spam you with donation pleas. We aren't Wikipedia. We won't beg you to vote for us on other websites. We just want to play!


  • No Cheating

  • No 1x1 lava/dirt/water/tnt towers/ digging straight down

  • Asking for ranks is the fastest way to get you banned.

Server Hardware: We own 2 boxes in Core eXchange in Dallas, Texas E3-1230v2 16GB Ram 120gb Intel SSD 1Gbit uplink


Owners/Admins/Moderator List can be found @ http://www.dbgaming.org/staff

Available Commands:

Key commands broken down by user groups.

Player (Default Group)
  • /rules
  • /tpa (Asks for a teleport form a user)
  • /warp [warpname] (Teleports you to a certain location created by Members and up)
  • /sethome
  • /money /balance /econ (Shows the balance of your bank account in coins)
  • /lwc (Chest protection - Use the help page for more info)
Member (dB Members and people that have earned the right to extra commands)
  • /createwarp (Create locations on the map for easy teleporting using /warp)
  • /zmod (Land management - requires wood shovel and decent understanding of minecraft x,y,z system)
Staff (Moderator, Game Admins, Senior Admins, Management)
  • /kick /ban /slap /pardon /jail (Normal admin commands)
  • /pex (Permission system for promotion. Can only promote to one level below you)

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