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Oxymaze Survival Server No whitelist! Come in today! 24/7 open! [survival] [hungergames] [challenging maze] [contests]

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 06:50 PM

Oxymaze Survival Server
IP: oxyborb.dyndns.org

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To put it simply, we're all about FUN. We do whatever is most fun and that's how we roll. Our community is TOP NOTCH, with friendly veteran users who love to help out the new ones! If you're wondering if this server is right for you, here's some basic info and rules:

We are a survival mode server with an endgame challenge: The Oxymaze. This maze is a 36+ level challenge which requires skills in puzzle solving, parkour, jumptests, mob fighting, and more. Go out into the wild, build a castle, dig up supplies, and then take the Oxymaze challenge!

Sometimes we play Hunger Games and also host several challenge maps and take requests from anyone, all at the same time, thanks to multiverse. We just love having fun!

Rule #1. Don't be a jerk. Yes, PvP is enabled. But that doesn't mean you should harass people, killing them over and over for no reason. Griefing will certainly get you banned. Just be cool. If you want to duke it out with someone, go for it. But don't be a jerk about it.

You MUST build 100 blocks away from the spawn!!! This is important, as you will not be able to build until you walk 100 blocks away.

Griefers be warned, this server is protected and backed up, so the joke's on you. It's nearly impossible to get lulz here. We ban people without hesitation. The players only have say there's griefing, oxyborb will find the griefers on the server log, ban them, and back up whatever was damaged. It's that simple.

NO pixelart. We're keeping this server fantasy themed. That doesn't mean we're roleplaying (you can roleplay, if you want), but just no pixelated drawings of pikachu everywhere, okay?

Stealing is NOT ok here, but we have lockette installed. Lock your chests if you don't want to be stolen from. On that note, check around Spawn City for FREE torches, music, railroad track, minecarts, and much more. There's no need to steal those basic things.

There is NO flying or fast running or xray, sorry hackers. We play the right way. No mods are allowed at all. No wall climbing or anything like it.

Everyone with a colored name is an admin. That means that you should listen to them, or they might ban you.

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Admin = oxyborb (owner) & tofu125 (pirate lord) & LilPurpleDevil & Isao_Nox
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Posted Image
CAKETOWN! An entire town made of tasty treats! Look out for the GIANT COOKIE MONSTER TITAN!

Posted Image
Come build on the surface of the MOON! You'll have to see this place to believe it!

Posted Image
This is RetroCity, a video-game themed town! You'll have to come in to see our Charizard, blowing fire at a Metroid while standing on top of Fallout 3's Vault 101! No joke!

Posted Image
The SpawnCity is our AWESOME community town that provides a bunch of public services needed for a great Survival experience!

Posted Image
Come ride our EPICALLY LONG railroads out into the wilderness to start a new life!

Posted Image
Or compete in some of our server's building contests, spleef games, or PVP battles!

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