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Lord Of The Rings Texture Pack(For A Map)

lord of the rings

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 06:09 AM

While you are reading this message listen to this music:

I sat down reading the Fellow Ship Of the Rings yesterday when i had a BRILLIANT idea. I wish to make a Lord of The Rings Adventure Map(Texture pack included) Though i need dedicated people who can help make a texture pack and help make a Middle Earth Adventure Map.(the map you can apply for is here:
So I need people to make the texture pack for this Marvelous Map
OK So this is how you apply:


Can you help make the Texture Pack:

Can you Help Advertise:

Do you have any experience:

What are Some of your creations(optional):

Do you have any top texture pack making Programs:

In 25 words or less tell me why you want to be apart of this:

Please, Please apply this is my dream.


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Posted 06 December 2012 - 06:45 AM

Just as has been said to many other people who request packs. You're better off making it yourself.

Good packs can take weeks, even months to make, with many of us spending hours on just one texture to make it look the best we can. Plus if it's a pack just to be used for one map? That shoots your odds down even further as most of us rather not use up the time we have to make a pack people would only use on a maps playthough and thats it.

Also from my own experience with creating custom maps, most people would rather use a pack they like and are use to then a pack made just for one map.

Not to be mean or anything, but that is just how it is.

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 10:31 PM

Hi, I am currently in the process of updating my LOTRcraft Texturepack to 1.4.5.  If you are interested feel free to contact me!

Link: http://www.planetmin...e-rings-themed/
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Posted 11 January 2013 - 12:14 AM

Why don't you just use the painterly customizer, it has many options to make a fantasy based texture pack.

And now that I think of it I might enjoy making a painterly lotr themed texture pack for you, but the thing is I have never read lotr.


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Posted 11 January 2013 - 06:55 PM

View Postnetwerp, on 11 January 2013 - 12:14 AM, said:

but the thing is I have never read lotr.
Well you should read it, because it's just pure epicness



Posted 11 January 2013 - 10:15 PM

hell yeah ill get righ to it! email me at [email protected]

View PostPro_Craft60, on 11 January 2013 - 10:14 PM, said:

as long as you give me credit ;D

are there any texture packs which you want me to edit for you?