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{1.4.5}ForbiddenRealms{Creative Plots}< Medieval Theme build style>Server <18 Slots> 24/7{No Lag/Griefing}


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Posted 03 December 2012 - 06:36 AM

Hello every one welcome to my new server Forbidden Realms. We here at Forbidden are working on a massive project that is going to bring a totally new aspect to the Mine-craft Rpg Server's. At least that is our goal idea. However this project is still in early development we are actively looking for highly dedicated people to join us on this project. With that interest in mind we dedicated to make this creative server.

Information on the Rpg Project:

We are not looking for builders as of the moment. However we are looking for People who would be dedicated to a project like this and also who would love to create an epic Mine-craft MMO server

Our plan with this project is to basically create a living world within Mine-craft. By doing this we plan to add custom mods with our already under-development custom worldmap. The goal of this project is to immerse the players in a world shaped by them. By giving them a more structured server an Rpg experience. Here is a list of some of the planned features. However some of these will seem more doable than others. These are just ideas so thinks my change over time. Please leave some feedback on if it. We love to hear what others half to say about our work.

Planned Features:   **A big part of this will be a mod**

v Main World:

· Dungeions

· Raids

· Dynamic Economy

· Secret/Rare Boss event

· Material farming/ Building done through reputation gain with different factions with then different regions

· Huge world to explore with many different regions **Has been started Image will be below this Planned Feature list **

· Different races

v Player Interactions

· Rpg Class Leveling system

· Professions

· Death Respawn

· Player Towns ** Much harder to obtain than a regular Towny server**

· Tactical Fight Style

More information on the Planet-mine-craft post Click here To read more.

All Teal Colored information is not going to be in the Creative server. They maybe a survival side soon but more on that latter.
As of the moment we only have a 18 slot server. I hope soon we can upgrade to lest get 35 slots if not more.

We are using a plugin in which creates a plot world for everyone to build on. We have these plots set to a 64x64 plots, and u get 2 plots. To gain the privilege to build on the server u first must sign up on our website here. After that use the /warp plotworld to enter the plot world then run /iclaims newplot to get your first building plot.

we also have a ranking system for the ppl who want to show there building skills
these ranks are:

Guest: new to the server no building at this rank
Member: Newly joined the server an ready to build.
Builder: shows they have some kind of skill at building.
     Pro-Builder: can show they have great skills at laying out a massive build project.
Master-Builder: Shows extraordinary skills at building. Just mind blowing.

The IP is:


   If u would like to donate to help support the server there is a location to DONATE on the main website.

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  • Location: Croatia (Zagreb)
  • Minecraft: Stabyoface9

Posted 03 December 2012 - 06:49 AM

IP ?

If u need dedicated builder, im here for ya :))

Ign: Stabyoface9
Age: 16
Good at: Mostly detail and art.
Do I have exp with World Edit: Yes, ive been a op for a year now.

For more questions, send me a pm or ask it here :=)
Life ? please



Posted 03 December 2012 - 06:59 AM

yea i hit a button an it posted before i was done typing :/. lol but all the info is there. ill post more info on the RPG stuff once i get things a bit more organized an knowing whats going on with it