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Posted 30 November 2012 - 11:46 PM

Recently i have been banned form the server Covalentcraft. I love the server so far, but i am completely new to servers although i am a computer geek. The other servers i have tried out aren't fun but whenever you try to break a block im a plot or house or something it wont give you permission. For Covalentcraft they allow you to. There were some places with free stuff in the chest with a sign too that says so i took some. turns out there was this building with an unlocked chest. I thought scince he didnt lock his chest the items were free. I took them but i didnt really know what i was doing. Long story short i went to the friend that recommended the server and he says that was completely greifing. I felt sorry for the guy who i greifed but i got killed by a skeleton so i couldnt return the items. I got banned from the server. Doesa anyone know ANY tips, etc. bypasses or anything with no surveys that i can get unbanned.

Further Info: I dont use credit card
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Posted 30 November 2012 - 11:58 PM

Dont be an idiot the server owners/admins wont see this and should have read the rules before breaking them

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 12:03 AM

The best way to get back onto a server after steeling is to find out how to contact them. Then the best thing to do is to tell them your sorry and you wont do it agan.Also no matter what if a chest is unlocked on any kind of server If they wont let you back on then i find thats its not worth trying agan. There are plenty of nice servers to play on you just have to keep an eye out. Thats all i got, hope it helps ^.^

If you are looking for a server with nice staff and you wont get banned because we are nice, i can hook you up if you can record videos. Love your profile pic =3