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Medieval Factions Server

dedicated pvp

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Posted 30 November 2012 - 06:09 AM

Medieval PVP Factions Server

Currently set to 20 slots it is professionally hosted 24/7 and moderated, this is easily upgraded depending on demand.

Moderators will kick or ban problem people

Rules are on two pages using /rules

Factions commands are on /f help

Your available commanda are /help

The server has a greylist. If you log in you can talk with other players but cannot build or eat until you are upgraded. To get upgraded you have to post your IGN (In Game Name) in this thread and will be upgraded within usually 12 hrs unless the admin or moderators are on and can do it as soon as they can see your post in this thread. If you can not set up a MC forums account you cannot play on this server.

Server  is hard mode, you will starve to death so post IGN, get approved, then play.


some info on the server:
It is currently running on a beta bukkit, so there are still some bugs with older plugins..
I have several plugins installed besided factions, econ, shops etc. one is silkspawners so you can pick up spawners with silk touch picks. TNT and Creeper explosions cause damage but not enviromental damage. Greifing is not encouraged and if you make a mess you should clean it up, or be removed, pretty simple.

Ugly builds will be removed, build to impress.

/f home can be used to teleport to your base when set

/spawn will return you to spawn

other than that there are no other fast travel means.

There will only be one nether portal built at spawn








Jr. Moderator


Servers up and running, Server is looking for people who are willing to play nearly every day :D

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Posted 30 November 2012 - 07:23 AM

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