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1.4.5 factions pvp jobs economy mcmmo

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Posted 29 November 2012 - 09:22 PM

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We are Hardcore Factions PvP, you start with a 10 minute shield.(so you don't get spawn camped) You can create a faction with your starting $30! Chests and furnaces are unlocked, even on Faction territory, so come up with creative ways to protect your chests from those pesky raiders! Raiders: good news for you, unprotected chests! If you want to set a Faction home right away, you'll need to vote for the server on Planet Minecraft and be logged into the server! Doing that will get you $200 in the bank from the get go! Don't forget to join a job and level up your skills in McMmo! We have a Unique Head Drop plugin that not only lets mob heads drop -- but also lets Player heads drop! Kill the toughest players on the server and turn in their head for a bounty, or keep it above your fireplace! If you want you may even wear it on your head! We also have a unique Market Plugin that is unlike any you probably have seen lately. Purchases/Sales are all interacted through Item Frames!

- /warp shop In-Game If You wanna Check it out Right Away!

Note: If you are new to factions, you may want to google it, or just /warp factions in-game.
Creative World:


$50,000 In-Game

Skyblock Survival World:

$75,000 In-Game

Save Up  or become one of our donors to gain access to these worlds!

Dedicated IP:

Posted Imageplay.dakotakraft.comPosted Image

Posted Image

Don't forget to leave us a Posted Image!  



Vote to receive a free In-Game $200 In-Game instantly

through Votifier!!

Server Name:

Posted Image[DakotaKraft]Posted Image


Main Website:

Posted Image[dakotakraft.com]Posted Image

- You May Appeal at the Website if you are Banned!

- You may also apply for Moderator Position on the Website!


Donation Webstore:

Posted Image [dakotakraft.buycraft.net]Posted Image


Dedicated IP:

Posted Imageplay.dakotakraft.comPosted Image


Posted Image 3GB of RAM

Posted Image 60 Slots!



  • Posted Image No Hacking
  • Posted ImageNo Spamming
  • Posted ImageBe Respectful
  • Posted Image No Caps
  • For Additional Rules Type Posted Image"/rules"Posted Image In-Game



& More!


Vote after you log in!

  • Posted ImageAutoSaveWorld
  • Posted ImageBuyCraft
  • Posted ImageColorMe
  • Posted ImageCombatLog
  • Posted ImageCoreProtect
  • Posted ImageDeathControl
  • Posted ImageEssentials
  • tions
  • Posted ImageFoundDiamonds
  • Posted ImageJobs
  • Posted ImageMultiVerse
  • Posted ImageNoCheatPlus
  • Posted ImagePermissionsBukkit
  • Posted ImageMarket
  • Posted ImageSpamGuard
  • Posted ImageSurvivalGames
  • Posted ImageVotifier
  • Posted ImageWorld Edit/Guard
  • Posted ImageMcMMo

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