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JujuCraft - mc.jujucraft.net

jujucraft survival pvp

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Posted 29 November 2012 - 06:39 AM

JujuCraft - Factions - PVP - MCMMO

JujuCraft is a fun friendly server with competitive players!
When voting you receive 8 Diamonds 10 Levels of XP, and $175!
But at the end of the month we increase our awards for voting!
IP: mc.jujucraft.net
Other IP (

Donators receive a lot for their donations. You can see what they get here!
Basic plugins:
Some of our basic plugins that modify the game a little.
MCMMO, Factions, PlayerHeads, iDisguise (Donators only.) MagicCarpet (Donators only.)

Our current staff:
Owner Jujulogey97
Co-Owner Joshuaj123
Admins: Breakfasman, Crazyredd94
Mods: vershun1212, thehunter21, menleader12, Nobbyjr
TrialMod: (none)
Helpers (Chat Mods): Alibali9, tsurvior  
A brief description of what JujuCraft is and our intensions for our players.

JujuCraft is a server for all! Our staff is always looking for ways to keep the server perfect for our players, and fun!
I, as the server owner used to play on Survival servers looking for the perfect one. But I always ran into the chat being too colorful, and it annoyed me a whole lot. I also did not enjoy the Register plugin, or huge spawns that are nearly impossible to get out of without taking an hour out of your day to read the signs. So one day, January 13th 2012, I decided to create my own server named JujuCraft, at first it was a tiny project, now a huge success. I hope to see my server go far into the Server world and be fun for all sorts of players.

Things you should know before playing:

The IP: mc.jujucraft.net

The website: www.jujucraft.net

Server slots: 64

Daily player count: 18-22


Does the server lag? - No, JujuCraft stays at 20 TPS and does NOT lag.

Is the server up 24/7? - Yes, JujuCraft is a dedicated server with 2048MB allocated memory.

Are there many hackers? - Meanwhile, no. We keep the server as swept up as possible.

Can we get griefed? - Yes, getting griefed is always a possibility as I do re-enforce faction raids.

Can WE grief? - Yes, you may grief other factions and players.

Basic donator commands and perks:

$10 - Disguise as a pig, /warp vip, Join server when full, create Trade signs.
$20 – $10 - Disguise as a Pig/Zombie, /kit donator, /back on teleport/death. 2 LWC Protections.
$50 – $20 – $10 - Disguise as a Pig/Zombie/Skeleton, /Fireball, /Mc (MagicCarpet), 4 LWC Protections.
$100 – $50 – $20 – $10 - Disguise as a Pig/Zombie/Skeleton/Cow, /Butcher /Heal, (Every hour), /Feed /WorkBench (Open up a crafting table) /Weather (Sun/Storm), a custom nickname /Hat. 6 LWC Protections.
$150 – $100 – $50 – $20 – $10 - Disguise as a Pig/Zombie/Skeleton/Slime/Wolf, yellow $150 tag, 8 LWC Protections.
Yep, that's about it for this server! Come check us out! - mc.jujucraft.net (


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Posted 12 August 2013 - 09:51 PM

Just started playing on this server ;)

Really friendly admins and great staff! come check it out!

I get all my skins from Minecraft Skins