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PlugPayPlay.com Minecraft survival server!

minecraft survival server.

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  • Location: Netherlands
  • Minecraft: Oliviertjuhh

Posted 28 November 2012 - 04:41 PM


Vanilla Survival!

100% lag free.

What we Aim to Achieve

We have created a server for pure vanilla survival fun! We encourage players to play 100% legit in a friendly community with ZERO griefers and immature players and a great community.

We aim to keep the server populated, and for players to enjoy their stay with other players.

We are mainly for players whom want a Vanilla Survival server without any nonsense.

What we Offer

A lag free gameplay!

We offer a closeknit community for players who want fun playing and the benefits of playing SMP.

To keep everything happy and stable we do have a few plugins to keep players in place, to stop griefers and to solve any hassle. These plugins wont change your gameplay at all, simply because they do not affect gameplay but keep you happy that no griefers will get away with their crime and you will stay happy and protected. And lets face it, 100% Vanilla Survival can be a pain when it comes down to griefers.

We're currently running 100% vanilla, but using the CraftBukkit version of 1.4.5, to keep things stable.


1. No x-ray, flying, speed hacking, or hacked clients.

2. Treat other players with respect, and how you would like to be treated.

3. Do not break any blocks placed by others, eg griefing.

4. Do not modify blocks or harm animals on others property.

5. You are free to build anywhere at least 500 blocks from others builds.

6. You may not build on others land without permission.

7. Keep no more than 50 mobs or animals in a single area, this will lag the server.

8. PvP is allowed but know that if the other player does not agree, this could be griefing.

Make sure to remember the rules, if in doubt when playing, make sure to check. There are other "sub" rules that are pretty simple, but you should in reality already know them, they're mainly common sense rules... By that i mean use your common sense.

Other Server Info

This server has been established Today (28 November 2012)

We are still searching for new members and admins.

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Greets, Oliviertjuhh

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