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♚Merlinus Paradoxum♚ [Survival]|[Towny]|[mcMMO]|[Economy]

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Posted 28 November 2012 - 06:56 AM

♚Merlinus Paradoxum♚


♜Website: www.merlinusparadoxum

♜IP: mc.merlinusparadoxum.com♜

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Each player will start off as a Traveler. A traveler has limited commands and can barely do anything.
New players (Travelers) will have to read about the server through info signs at spawn. This information
will tell them about Merlinus Paradoxum.

To become a Peasant, the player will have to successfully complete the tutorial quiz. Once completed, they will be able to promote themself with a sign. Peasants don't have many extra commands other
than /msg, magic and the ability to join towns. A Peasant will be able to learn 5 spell from the library
and can cast the spells with specific ingredients. If a Peasant wants to, they can 'forget' a spell although
this will cost them 5 diamonds.

For a Peasant to become a Citizen, they will need to firstly play as a Peasant for a while. After playing
for a while, they will be able to submit an application on the website and will have to provide information
about themselves and why they want to become a Citizen. If accepted, they will be promtoed to Citizen

As a Citizen, players will be able to join towns, sell items and blocks using chest shops, use the mailing
ability and some other perks aswell. A Citizen will need to stay as a Citizen for quite a while to earn
trust and journey through the server more extensively.

The next rank, Landlord, has the ability to create and run towns. This rank can be earned though yet another
application although it is not as easy to achieve as Citizen. The player who wants to become a Landlord will
not only have to have played as a Citizen for while, but will also need to be well known and trusted.

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