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come join the brawl! pvp factions vikingcraft

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Posted 28 November 2012 - 01:34 AM

Viking Craft

█100 slot Survival PVP█

Featuring: Factions, PVP Arena, Spleef,

Essentials, Economy, Parkour + more

Join Us Today! vikingcraft.us.to

Viking Craft is a fast paced survival PvP server. Venture into the wilderness, create a faction with others, mine your way to riches and protect your land and life! Hunt your enemies downs and raid their strongholds- greifing and raiding are allowed! Will you be a powerful dictator, strong but feared? Or will you be a gentle leader, respected and calm? Join us today and start your adventure!

Viking Craft features:

Factions! Start up your own raiding group! Build a town! Protect your items with land claiming! Gain power with more members!

Economy! Buy and sell items to shops! Make money for trading between players! Buy otherwise unattainable items!

24/7 PVP! Fight to the death in the arena, or protect your land and valuables out in the wilderness! No one is safe!

Games! Spleef, parkour... and more coming soon! Fight with your friends in a friendly game of spleef, or test your skills with the parkour course!

Warps and Homes! Set a home warp so you can adventure for days and safely make it back home with a simple command! Want to get to spawn quickly? One command brings you back!

Donator Ranks! Want to help keep the server up? Get a great reward out of it. Put yourself at an advantage with these ranks- as a thank you!

Mods! Someone is always on to help you out! Friendly, reliable and down to earth.

Daily Vote for Diamonds! http://www.planetmin...-craft-1222644/


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Posted 29 November 2012 - 01:03 AM

up we go!