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SurvivalCraft [GriefPrevention] [LWC] [HG] [Factions] [Economy]

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Posted 27 November 2012 - 01:42 AM

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Are you tired of all the confusing and difficult servers out there? Do you just want to have fun playing survival with your friends without fear of griefers? Maybe even a friendly community? Then welcome to SurvivalCraft! We take every effort possible to maintain a great server.
  • Griefing is almost impossible, and it is quickly rollbacked.
  • Measures are taken to protect your chests, furnaces, etc.
  • Protection against hacking and x-ray!
  • Completely friendly and safe chat.
  • iConomy and ChestShop!
  • Hunger Games, Mob Arena, PvP Arena, Cakeshrine and Zombie Arena!
  • Great staff!
  • It's 24/7!
  • And MUCH more!

[1.] No mods, hacks, or x-ray

[2.] Play legit, no cheating or unfairness.

[3.] No griefing, stealing, or raiding.

[4.] No 1x1 holes, towers, or floating trees.

[5.] No swearing, spamming, or advertising.

[6.] Do not ask for creative, OP, items, etc.

[7.] Do not make the land look ugly.

[8.] No harassing other players.

[9.] Do not argue and be respectful.

[10.] No PVP spawn camping.

[11.] No sexually related content.

[12.] No racist slurs or remarks.

[13.] No swastikas or other offensive builds.

[14.] No drug references or nudity.


"Everyone's nice, great community!"

"Love this server! Peeps are so nice, and great and reliable staff! No jerks here!"

"This server's the best! Not just great survival, but plently of awesome games to enjoy! Hunger Games, MineZ, and more! Not just your average boring survival server..."

"SurvivalCraft is a fun and exiting server where there's nice people, fun activities, and more!"

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