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Legitland! a vanilla server but better!

legitland survival server awesome pudding almost vanilla

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Posted 26 November 2012 - 04:14 PM

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Mission Statement:

-We try our hardest to keep the Vanilla SMP experience alive!  While at the same time preventing griefing, promoting player interaction, and focus on the community!  Come join us on LegitLand!



(register to stay up to date and have access to our interactive DynMap!)

Plugins & Features:

-Lockette **Keep your stuff private!
-Essentials **Basic commands and economy!
-WorldGuard **Protect your land
-Dynmap  **Top down interactive map!
-No creeper or enderman griefing!
-BuyCraft  **Keep the server running and get awesome perks!
-CoreProtect  **We ain't scared of no griefers!
-Private Ventrillo Server  **Come chat it up with us!
-Very friendly staff!  **<3

Here a Promotional video:


Visit the forums to apply for the whitelist Posted Image


1. No Hacking or Cheating.
2. No Griefing.
3. No 1x1 Towers.
4. No Cobblestone Builds.
5. Please Cut Down the Whole Tree! No Floating Trees! Put "Pudding" at the end of your application
6. No Harassing Admins and Players Alike.
7. Building Inside Towns/Cities Unless You Have Permission.
8. If You Don't Log In For a Time Period Longer Than Two Weeks, Your Chests May Be Claimed, and Your Builds May Be Destroyed.  Let an admin know if you will be gone for more than 2 weeks, your stuff will be safe.
9. PvP is Enabled Outside of Major Towns/Cities. Use Caution.
10. No Spam or Advertising

These are ALL ban-able offenses, so don't break'em! (We will usually give you a second chance and a fair warning)

Server IP:

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