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[PVP][1.4.4/1.4.5][120 SLOTS][UNWHITELISTED]Minecraft-HG's PvP server!

factions pvp minecraft-hg 1.4.4 1.4.5 unwhitelisted fun friendly nohacks 120slots

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Posted 24 November 2012 - 08:17 PM

A friendly server owned by ExplodingTNT and GameplayerHD!

















-Shade789 (inactive)


All staff members are friendly :), type /mods to see which are online!


--Spleef: This server runs a minigame plugin! The main minigame is spleef. You join the game by typing "/warp spleef" and right-clicking the corresponding sign for joining. Once the game begins, all players spawn in the arena with a diamond shovel. If you die, you go back to the spleef warp. You do NOT lose anything when you die. The winner gets cake :3

--TF2: The main attraction of the server. This server also runs a TF2 plugin. To join, type /warp tf2, then click the "join game" sign. The plugin is still being worked on, so games only have 3 people per team. There are 2 arenas. There are also many classes, the free ones are Soldier, Heavy, and Sniper. Demo, Scout, Spy, and Pyro are for the Elite rank and any ranks higher.

--PVP Arena: Another popular attraction, just type /warp pvp to join! Beware, you lose your items when you die, so don't be too cocky!

--Multiple Parkours, Mazes, and cooperative challenges:

/warp parkour

/warp extremeparkour

/warp icemaze

/warp escape

Factions: This server runs MCMMO! You can raid, fight, join factions, betray your faction, ally/enemy system, and much more! Type /homeregion and begin your survival adventure!


1. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, hack. Hacking can get you tempbanned or banned permanently.

2. Please cut down on swearing. You may get kicked/muted for it, and it's really annoying. Plus, little kids play here.

3. If you get raided or die, the killer/raider is not obligated to give it back. He may, but he can keep it for himself! Don't complain too much.

4. Don't ask for ranks. You'll never get them (unless you donate) if you do... you cannot donate for any ranks above legendary.

5. Please don't spam, everyone hates it, just don't do it. You'll get muted for about a week.

6. No safe-zoning in PVP. This includes running to the Safe-Zone or typing /spawn, /warp pvp, /f home, etc. Mods will kick, jail, or even tempban.

Donate for ranks!

There are 5 ranks that can be gotten through donations.

-VIP - /d pig, /hat, can join server when full, blue name

-Champion - 3 /homes, /clearinventory, 2000 credits, /kit tools, /workbench, /nick, /d cow, /d chicken, /d sheep, Cyan name

-Elite - 5 /homes, /enderchest, /time day, /kit iron, /repair, /d ocelot, Demo + Scout + Pyro TF2 classes, /d wolf, /d sheep [color], /d baby [mob], Gold name

-Hero - Unlimited /homes, public warps, /kit potions, coloured signs, /d bat, /d squid, /d [hostilemob], /d slime, /d villager

-Legendary - Red name, unlimited warps, all disguises, /d p [player], /fly

Join today!

IP = pvp.minecraft-hg.com

Vote for pvp.minecraft-hg.com

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Posted 24 November 2012 - 08:35 PM

you guys should have race for the wool on there! that would be pretty legit :)