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MizCraft Survival/PvP/LiveMap/Anti-Grief/Chest-Locks/Factions/Ranks/Iconomy/McMmo/Friendly-Staff

live map factions anti grief

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Posted 23 November 2012 - 10:05 AM


The Place To Be !

General Server Info:

Our MizCraft Server has been up and running for some months and we have everyday been working hard to improve your enjoyment. we have new Ranks anti grief to protect your builds many towns and warps to explore and much more. here at Mizcraft we have Dedicated our time to keep improving and after all the work it has payed off. with our friendly players and many plugins we look forward to playing with you all. We will keep improving our server day by day we have live maps so you can see where everybody is so you can decide whether to go pvp them or claim their land with your own factions you can form allies and trades with players and enjoy drop parties hide and seek and much more. come Join Us !

here is a little video about mizcraft created from Server Owner AceGalactica ----->



  1. No Griefing - permanent ban.

  2. PvP is on so do not whine.

  3. No advertising or spamming, sexism or racism.  

  4. No hacking, duping, cheating.

  5. Do not be rude to payers, and staff

6. Do not ask for, OP/GM/Day/Items

7. Overall use common sense and have fun

Owner AceGalactica

Owner   Mizzery2u

Head-Admin  ALVO_2012            


Iconomy - For an Economy
Factions -  For Town Wars
ChestShop - For Shops
Orebfuscator - To Keep Xrayers Out
Found Diamond - So Players Can Catch Cheaters
AntiCheat - To Keep Hackers From, Hacking  
Mo Arrows - Realistic affect.

More Coming Soon !



Hope to See You Soon!

No WhiteLists Guys :) come and play now ! :)

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Posted 23 November 2012 - 05:15 PM

already 4 new players ) happy to meet you all enjoy ur stay =)