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How do I check my minecraft account status?

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 08:24 AM

Someone on the forum accused me of lying about buying the game, and said they checked my minecraft account status.  

1.  Now I want to check for myself because if I'm not premium, I'm ticked off because I DID buy it and want it fixed.  

2.  How does someone else check your account status, seems a breach of privacy to me.  

3.  I bought my minecraft from mojang on a mojang account and have a mojang username and password.  I do not have an account migrated to minecraft.net and supposedly acording to the mojang help pages mojang is the "next step in the evolution" so should I even bother migrating my account, and if so how?

Edit:  NVM regarding 1 and 2.  Found http://minecraft.net/haspaid.jsp?user=
and checked for myself.  They should have used my minecraft name and not my forum name or they would have seen true instead of false.

Still want to know the pros and cons regarding migrating my account.

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