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Tekkit server needs ops

tekkit server admins ops builders apply no whitelist anti-grief lagfree 24/7

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    Tree Puncher

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 06:38 AM

This server has many plugins available but i will need a lot of help. I need some mods/admins/ops and i need some builders to help me build my spawn this is also a lag free server and there will be no griefing, and the only way there will be pvp is of the people agree with it! This server will be whitelisted only until the spawn is finished being built. In order to apply to be one of these please post this application.

Position requesting-
Why do you deserve it-
Ever been banned-
If yes for what-
What else should i know about you-
Youre experience with tekkit-

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 07:23 AM

Position Requesting-Op
Why do you deserve it-Certainly not to abuse trollface.jpeg
Ever been banned-Yes
If yes for what-Mass griefing, griefing team, abuse of trolling button
What else should i know about you-I am a proud attendee of minecons 2011 and 2012
Youre exoerience with tekkit-I used to run a 24/7 tekkit server
Posted Image
This is my server. DEAL. WITH. IT.


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Posted 22 November 2012 - 07:31 AM

Ign- Midgetsc
Age- 16
Position requesting- Mod/Op/Builder
Why do you deserve it- I'm active, can be on every day, and can make large structures without making them look like a giant empty square.
Ever been banned- Yes, twice.
If yes for what- Once because I broke a 'rule' that wasn't even in their rule thingy, and the second because I was an OP on a server and the owner was messing around, randomly de-opped everyone (including himself xD) and I was still on Creative Mode, so since I was flying I was banned for "Fly hacking".
What else should i know about you- I love MineCraft, and so I can be on every day to help out with building and such.
Youre experience with tekkit- I've watched many of the Yogscast Tekkit episode, and every day my friend never stops talking about it, and so I think I know a pretty good amount based off those two things. Especially my friend. xD
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    Tree Puncher

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 02:58 PM

Come on lets get some more applications here!


  • Minecraft: crunchycamsta

Posted 22 November 2012 - 06:19 PM

Ign- crunchycamsta
Age- 15
Position requesting- op
Why do you deserve it- I am good at doing permissions (group manager) and have been admin on a fewtekkit servers before and can play for a few hours a day on weekdays and all weekend.
Ever been banned- Yes
If yes for what- I called an admin an idiot after he let 3 guys past my regioned house and let them loot me (it was regioned so only i could enter he deleted the region because i was a big faction leader)
What else should i know about you-  I like cake
Youre experience with tekkit- I am good with computer craft and making big bunkers with doors controlled by computers. I am also experienced with tekkit as i have played it for a few months

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    Newly Spawned

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 06:23 PM

Ign- Moshalynx
Age- 16
Position requesting- op
Why do you deserve it- I'm good at keeping a server running. Always active on servers i played on atm, Really good with grief situations (If you have any i solve) Trustworthy too.
Ever been banned- No.
If yes for what-

What else should i know about you-  I like Cookies.
Youre experience with tekkit- Play it all the time, Had a factory ;3



Posted 23 November 2012 - 04:42 AM

Hi, I would like to apply for staff and here is my application:

Position requesting: Op

Name: Alexander

Minecraft name: Psychotic_void

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Personality: Friendly, helpful, funny, and fun

Experience: I have been staff on many servers and I got great reviews from everyone that joined, I have been on most versions of mine craft and I know EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!

- I will help build HUGE buildings, and I mean…. HUGE
- I will advertise the server on all the sites I know (but only if you allow it)
- I will get out of my way just to help any player with whatever they need
- I will help set the rules and make sure they are enforced

I am 100% trustworthy, I will make this server on of the most famous servers ever!

Thank you for reading!

-Alexander / psychotic_void



    Tree Puncher

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Posted 23 November 2012 - 05:13 AM

Age- 17
Position requesting- Admin(possibly Head Admin) and builder for spawn
Why do you deserve it- i dont like how some servers have abusing admins or mods and i want people to feel that they can play and not worry about abusive Admins or griefers
Ever been banned- once before
If yes for what-for being accused of griefing
What else should i know about you- Im a great person and very friendlt towards others
Youre experience with tekkit- i know almost all the mods in tekkit so i can help lots of people out and im a great builder. i can certainly help out with server builds.



    Tree Puncher

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Posted 23 November 2012 - 05:17 AM

Okay lets get some more staff and def some more builders!



    Tree Puncher

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Posted 23 November 2012 - 04:39 PM

Position requesting-Admin/Op
Why do you deserve it- I'm very good with people and I would like to try my leadership skills to help forward a server
Ever been banned- Never.
What else should i know about you- I have a great sense of humor. If you accept me my Skype is tristan-the-great. I'm a great leader can be strict when needed.
You're experience with tekkit- I have been playing for 5 months now and is very capable of doing anything with most of the mods.



    Newly Spawned

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Posted 23 November 2012 - 07:52 PM

Age-10 almost 11
Position requesting-op
Why do you deserve it-i loooove tekkit /minecraft and i am good at keeping control on servers also i am kind BUT id someone greifs I teach them a lesson (kick or ban)
Ever been banned- no
If yes for what-
What else should i know about you- I'm an amazing tekkitier
Youre experience with tekkit-ive played over 90 hurs building and creating redstone contraptions like a disco room
Posted Image

Posted Image



Posted 24 November 2012 - 06:42 AM

Ign: rugbyislife1234
Age: 14
Position Requesting: Whatever u need
Why do you deserve it: i play tekkit everyday and i want to make your server user friendly and protect it from griefers.
Ever been banned: never and i never want to
What else I should know about you: my Skype name is juniorkibbey
You're experience with tekkit: I have played since tekkit1 and i own a tekkit server.



Posted 30 November 2012 - 09:50 PM

IGN: Cheekymonkey15
Age: 14
Position requesting: Either a Builder or Op.
Why do you deserve it: I have been playing Tekkit for about a full year now, and i'd say i'm pretty good with making advanced machines, i've made many many many different efficient and working factories, I have been opped before 3 times (One server was Vannila), and i would rate my structures (On a scale of 1 to 10) a 7. I'd prefer to be a Builder, as i can't be super commited to being op, but either honestly works. I've been looking for a server to join in for a long time, so I'm hoping this one will be good.
Ever been banned: No.
What else i should know about you: I love working with other people, being a team, building things like spawns, world domination >:D Jk.
I LOVE chili! Not really important I'm geussing, though. I've got a good sense of humour when i try, and i get A's in almost every subject in school, so i'm really acedemic. I also like swimming and soccer. Also usually a neat freak.
Your experience with Tekkit: I have played for over a year, sucsessfuly created an HV-solar array (No hacks :P), have been trusted on many servers and my feedback is usually great, positive comments. Just so you know, I'm not TOO in depth of the mods that are usually bypassed. So I'm trying to learn more about those things.



    Out of the Water

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 12:47 PM


Position requesting-builder
Why do you deserve it- im brillient at building and disien and im very mature
Ever been banned-no
If yes for what-no
What else should i know about you-i have being playing minecraft sens alfa but i stopped play sens tekkit came out i had a tekkit server but it go hacked and my awesome spawn got bloen up so i closed it down and i have Skype but my mic isent working and im from Ireland.
Youre experience with tekkit-i have played tekkit sens it came out as i was waiting for it to come out  i only have two weaknesses railcraft comeputercraft

thanks for reading



Posted 04 December 2012 - 09:07 AM



Position requesting: Mod/Op/Creative/Building

Why do you deserve it: I have went to almost 3 servers building good stuffs and being op in 1 or 2. But those servers are down so I have been finding for servers to build, or help owner with spawn or warps.

Ever been banned: Yes

Banned For: Making a death warp in order to get good stuffs

What else should I know about you: I am really trustworthy, if u dont believe u can trial me first. I know almost 2/3 of the Mod/Op commands.

Your experience with tekkit: I am good with machines, but not with computers...



    Tree Puncher

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 07:34 AM

Ign- gman308
Age- 13
Position requesting- op/staff
Why do you deserve it- im helpful and trustful and will help build sights for the sever
Ever been banned- yes
If yes for what- pvp loging (i didnt pvp log i crashed)
What else should i know about you- im interesting and give people a hand
Youre experience with tekkit- i know lots about all mods
Posted Image



Posted 30 December 2012 - 02:54 PM

Position requesting-admin/op
Why do you deserve it-cos i have a exp of co-owner i can help build stuff and never been banned from a server
Ever been banned-nope
If yes for what-
What else should i know about you-i cant use computers from computercraft and add me on skype nannymclily is my skype name
Youre experience with tekkit-really good



    Newly Spawned

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Posted 19 January 2013 - 07:20 AM

position requesting-admin or op
why do you deserve it because- i have never was banned from a server,im a good artist,and i can help build computers and theaters
ever been banned-no
what else should i know about you- im a master wizard i am also good with science and railcraft
and i am also good at  computer craft and im awesome at tekkit and i hope you hire me Posted Image



Posted 26 January 2013 - 01:08 PM

Position Demanding:Op
Why I deserve it: I can understand peoples problems and can tell if somethings wrong.
Ever been banned: Hacking(Flying) Using swiftwolfs rending gale ( did not actually hack)
What else should you know about me: I am a donater on Xtekkit and laggy.



Posted 15 February 2013 - 03:25 AM

Position requesting-Staff/Op/Helper
Why do you deserve it-The one server that the people needed me for, crashed and never came back on... I have been a helpful person on other servers, even if not staff!
Ever been banned- Twice
If yes for what-Letting my friend and sister play Tekkit(Sister spammed commands,i wasn't op, and friend logged on my account and stopped/crashed a server, which came up 5 minutes later.)Since then I have changed my password.
What else should i know about you- I'm funny, kind, caring, and like to help others!(I also have Great Grammar!)
Youre experience with tekkit-I've had tekkit for a year, but haven't completely understood the concepts of machinery... other than that, I'm pro!