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DefenderCraft Minecraft server: Featuring Essentials, GroupManager, MultiWorld, and more!

no whitelist

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 12:07 AM

Hey, and welcome to DefenderCraft! Here, we have a Minecraft Bukkit server running, and we would love to see You there! We are running craftbukkit and update our server whenever possible. We have 19 plugins currently, including MultiWorld, GroupManager, Essentials, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Vault, ChestShop, BOSEconomy, Lockette, Creativegates, Scavenger, and LoginSecurity! (I may get rid of LoginSecurity soon and replace it with factions) (LoginSecurity was removed a while ago, and is now replaced by MobArena and PvPArena!)

   What is DefenderCraft? DefenderCraft was started by GriffonDefender to initially be a small private server. However, it grew from that, and now it's completely public with no whitelist whatsoever! We have a few staff members currently, however we are not looking for staff members on the server right now. (So if you're the type of person who just plays on servers to be high ranked, this is likely not the server for you) A completely survival server, and full PvP allowed, the fun is nearly endless!

   Why choose DefenderCraft? We have a friendly staff board, most of which are always willing to help. We also have lots of space across 7 worlds and nobody to fill it. Most of the worlds are empty, with the exception of the main world, which is the 2nd world you will see. Also, we have lots of plugins to make your time the best it can be.

   What are the rules? There are a few rules that apply to the average player on the server. A few examples are No griefing, no looting from chests that aren't yours, no spamming, and no discrimination/disrespecting others. You can find the full rule list if you join, it's the lapis lazuli board in the spawn world. The gold board you don't have to pay any attention to, it is for staff members only.

   Is this server cracked? No, it is not cracked, as we do not support people pirating Minecraft and getting the full benefit of the game. It used to be cracked until recently, however I was forced to make the decision to make it premium due to the constant hackings of my account. So to fully answer the question: It used to be cracked, it no longer is and never will be again.

   Anything else I should know about?Definitely. 1st, make sure to read EVERYTHING in the spawn world! Many people do not do so, and are stuck with no information on rules/ranks/donations ect. 2nd, We need donations to keep this server running, as we are using a hosting service. If you can donate, you get special privileges based on how much you donate. 3rd, The web forums for the website is found at http://griffondefense.webs.com. If you register on the website, you will get Citizen within about a day. Also, all donation info is on the website. And 4th, obviously you'll need the IP to play on the server, so here it is!

IP: (IP Deprecated, new IP coming soon!)
Other Staff members:

We hope to see you there!
Minecraft mods, texture packs, and more!

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 10:51 PM

Small update on server status: Updates are causing a few bugs, but I'm working as hard as I can to fix them all. We will be getting more plugins soon hopefully once I'm sure the build I'm running is completely stable.
Minecraft mods, texture packs, and more!