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Behind The Matrix [1.4.4/1.4.5] *[Events/Theme Parks/Towns,Cities]* [PVP/Survival/Creative]


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Posted 20 November 2012 - 09:10 AM

Behind The Matrix

Posted Image

About Us

Welcome to the Matrix! We have a whole lot of great fun things to show you on the matrix server. As a team, we have built advanced castles, fantasy palaces, Cities. Towns and more. We give credit to some of the most talented due to the work they put into helping our server become better than ever. over 1 year we went from little towns and villages to Kingdoms, Gardens, Matrix themed structures such as the Matrix Senate. More than you can imagine. So what do you think? Is this the right server for you? Haha, I wouldn't make a decision just yet. Theres more than just builds on our server. Read on to learn more details!Posted Image

Server Events:

On The Matrix, We offer not just some big buildings to watch all day, but we include some pretty nasty competitive games as well. We have HungerGames, Paintball, Building events in Creative Mode, Mob Arena, Spleef, And PVP. Here is some information on each of our Special games and events.

  • Paintball: Paintball is a game where you team with your friends and go out on a war battlefield to fight for the title of number 1 paintball champion! gain money each time you get a hit, buy new grenades, nuclear weapons, and more! Check leader boards to see what your rank is compared to all the other competitors. Are you the next Paintball Champion?
  • HungerGames: It takes passion, it takes confidence, it takes pure skill to win the game of history. 1 chance, 1 life. Can you take the heat? Can you survive? Fight for your life in the Matrix Hunger Games Battle! We have over 3 arenas to choose from. Find Hidden Chests, Secret rooms, and take on the challenges that enter your doom. Take a stand. Fight for your freedom.
  • Building Competitions: What do you like to do on Minecraft? I know what I like to do. I like to Build! Its what Minecrafts about. So why don't you put yourself up to the test? See how good of a builder you are and compete against some of the greatest builders out there. Don't just stand there.. Go on, you could be building to win an awesome prize at this very moment. Just Join the Matrix and see!

Server Staff:

Our Staff is a Smart, helpful, kind staff. I as well am apart of the team as Server Administrator Posted Image I think that a staff is important because you need to know a little about us and what we look for. We are reasonable and we respect you, but you must earn it. If you show disrespect to us and to other people with nonsense and bad words, we decrease the chances of looking and talking to you with respect. We ask for responsibility, we ask that you don't bother us too much, we ask that you are kind and respect rules and our decisions Posted Image. If you have any problems with someone on the server and you don't feel comfortable talking to staff because you don't want to bother them, please talk to me Posted Image I will be so glad and understanding to help you with anything you need. But, we do not like negativity from the players. Keep all personal things to yourself Posted Image and again if you need to talk about something personal that involves some of the people on the server as well, you may talk to me privately. Avoid telling these things to me or anyone else if we are busy, having a stressful time, or need to talk with someone without disruption. Overall, we love and appreciate the people coming to our server and we provide full assistance to the players without a doubt. We also are trying to look for the next generation of staff. We do not look for kids that ask "make me mod make me admin make me co owner i pay you 10 dollars" we look for dedicated players. Meaning they show support, listen and follow rules without a doubt, expectations of activeness on Forums, Experience in World edit and World Guard, Having Teamspeak 3 (program that allows you to speak with others), and more. World edit and World Guard are not things you need to worry about at this moment. We do not necessarily look for that in players when we look for next generation staff members.

Server Rankings:

We have many rankings that suite your likings on this server. Here is the list of Rankings Defined to what they represent.

  • [Default] Default Rank is the first rank of the server. As Default rank you must enter the tutorial World and Complete the beautiful structured maze so you may head to spawn
  • [Newbie] This is the second rank of the server. As Newbie you become apart of the community and discover new things about the server you never knew.
  • [Builder] This is the third rank of the server. As Builder rank you are now familiar with all shops, you have made a home, and you know as much as a builder should know.
  • [Member] This is the fourth rank of the server. Member is a smart person that knows all rules and can assist other players with the knowledge they have.
  • [VIP] This is the fifth rank of the server. VIP you may get from donating to the owner through PayPal. if you pay 1 dollar you may have VIP for 1 month. Depending on how much money you pay depends on how much time you have with VIP.
  • [Supporter] This is the sixth rank of the server. Congrats! You are now a staff member in training! You have mastered the ways of being responsible and respectful and your job is to support the players of the server. Supporter is the true test before achieving your second rank apart of staff.
  • [Agent] This is the seventh rank of the server. You have faced the true test and you are now fully trusted as staff. Agents are expected to be a big role model for the players of the matrix. Especially to the supporters.
  • [Admin] This is the eighth rank of the server. Administrator is the first step of Leadership for the server. You are now to watch over the Agents Supporters and all ranks based upon their performance.
  • [Super Admin] This is the ninth rank of the server. Super Admins are the main operators of the server. Expected to control the server. Some of the super admins are permitted to maintain plugins, Server performance, and more.
  • [Owner] This is the tenth rank of the server. The 2 Owners are MorpheusMine and NinnyB. They are 2 wonderful owners that make smart decisions.

Server Information:

Server Type: German, English (Most staff is german and speak english. All Plugins are English.)

Theme: Matrix

Owners: MorpheusMine & NinnyB

Server Website: http://minecraft.behindthematrix.de/

Server IP:

Server Video: (all of our Videos of the server were never updated. We will have new videos soon. Videos have been outdated for over 1 year.)

The Matrix Has You!

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