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[Intermediate RP] The Downfall of Nations (Accepting) [Strategic Warfare] [Near Future] (18 Countries Created)

not a server warfare strategy countries nations current future military create

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Posted 03 December 2012 - 01:52 AM

Casablanca, Morocco, UAR
July 1, 2021

The airport in the city was locked down in response to the massive rioting that was occurring in the city, which made it a pain in the ass for the journalists to pass through. Eventually, they bought airline tickets from Cairo to Casablanca at a hugely inflated price, and were subjected to a full pat-down and background check immediately after stepping out of the decrepit Boing 747 painted in African Airlines livery. The team consisted of a Pakistani reporter, the attractive Elwsya Takha, and two technical operators of Somali descent. They worked for Al-Jazeera, the prestigious Arab news agency, and were given the task of reporting the situation in the UAR. Armed with their cameras and green bulletproof vests reading: "JOURNALIST", they were quickly sent on their way by the UAR Army guard at the airport.

The team hired a taxi to transport them to the Casablanca Marriott, one of the nicer hotels in the city, with their gear and luggage. The trip ended up costing the equivalent of 43 riyals, and left the team standing in front of the fenced hotel. The team slowly made their way inside, going to their pre-purchased hotel rooms and making calls home telling family that they made it, and that they were safe. The rest of the day was spent arranging the hotel rooms to their liking and getting set in the new accommodations that would be their homes for the foreseeable future as Al-Jazeera correspondents. That was yesterday, and now the reporters were making their way down a smoky street in a van emblazoned with the Al-Jazeera logo, looking for the protest in the area.

The driver of the van, a Congolese man named Joseph, drove slowly through the thick, acrid smoke. Massive tire-fires were raging all around the city, flooding the streets and impairing vision. Occasionally, gunshots were heard, or car alarms or breaking glass. Sometimes a combination of the three. One of the Somali cameramen, Abdi, cringed whenever he heard the familiar sound of an AK-47 going off: while he didn't talk about it, he lived in Mogadishu during the 1993 civil war, and watched his uncle die when a US Army Ranger shot him dead in the street while looking for Mohammad Farrah Aidid's lieutenants. The other Somali remained stoic in the face of this danger, quite possibly as a facade to impress Elwsya.

After a few more minutes of driving, Joseph stopped the van and turned off the engine. "We're here," he announced. Outside of the thin aluminum walls, Elwsya heard heated chanting and yelling.

"Thanks, Joseph," Elwsya said to the driver. "You'll go back at the hotel, no?"

"Heh," came the driver, "As long as you keep paying me."

Elwsya returned his smile. "We will."

Abdi then opened the doors of the van, exposing the brightly lit sandy streets, and flooding the van with the acrid smell of burning rubber. Elwsya crinkled her nose as she jumped out with the microphone, while the third Somali, Mohammad, followed with a camera. Some of the rioters started to notice the journalists, but most either didn't care or weren't paying attention. The reporters quickly jogged from the van, now rolling quickly away, into the midst of the crowd. The noisiness of the crowd surprised Elwsya: she thought the UAR's frantic apologies and gifts would have stopped the rioting by now, but the crowd continued, feverishly as ever.

After a few minutes of searching, the team came to the site of a tire-burning. Several masked men stood around a burning pile of tires in a parking lot filled with windowless and wheelless cars. Glass was scattered all over, and several plastic jerry cans lay empty nearby. About a dozen masked men danced around the fire, chanting: "Death to the UAR!" over and over again. Mohammad was getting all of this on film, grinning at the perfect shots he was getting. Elwsya looked around at the rioters, some of whom were holding signs written in sloppy Arabic calling for the release of protestors or for equal civil rights. Many were screaming angrily at the riot police ahead, forming a wall with riot shields in front of an APC fitted with a machine gun.

Elwsya continued looking in awe at the situation until she began to hear something: "Hey, reporter!" someone called, "Look at this!"

Mohammad and Elwsya both pivoted around to see a group of half-naked men in masks, one with a UAR flag and a few others with matches. They waved at the camera, and then proceeded to set the flag on fire. For a few minutes, they waved the burning flag high in the air, and then threw it on the ground and proceeded to stomp the flames out. When the smoke cleared, a burned and disfigured flag remained, whereupon several children came from the building behind and started beating it with their shoes. Because shoes were unclean, this was a sign of utmost disrespect. Similarly, shoes were being thrown at riot police nearby.

Elwsya decided that it was time to make her interview, and nervously approached the man who seemed to be the leader of the flag burning group, who was busy readying another flag to burn. He saw Elwsya come at him in the midst of the commotion and greeted her. "Good afternoon, reporter!" he said in a thick African accent.

"Good afternoon, sir," Elwsya began. "Would you mind telling us what you think of this situation? I'm with Al-Jazeera."

"Ah, I love Al-Jazeera! I listen to it every morning on the radio," he exclaimed cheerily.

Elwsya laughed, and so did the man. "Would you mind sounding a little bit angrier?" she asked with a grin.

"Aha! I cannot be interviewed with good spirit?" he replied.

"No, no," Elwsya explained. "Viewers will think it's odd that a flag burner is sounding cheerful."

"Heh, heh," the man chuckled. He then switched his tone to a more angry one: "Like this?"

"Yes, yes... Are you an actor, by any chance?" Elwsya asked after the man demonstrated his switch of mood so quickly.

"No, not professionally. I used to perform in school plays, if that counts."

"Surely, it does. But let's get on with the interview."

"Yes, yes," the man replied. He then reached down the his feet and grabbed a nearby AK-47, and then held it with one hand over his shoulder. The resemblance to so many other terrorists or rioters was undeniable.

"The UAR oppresses our people, our families, our religion!" he exclaimed angrily: "They say they want to give us rights, but they shot many people! I think they are lying! They just want us to stop threatening them because they can't take it! They know they can't! But once we become pleased by their half-baked policies, they will take back our rights again! Rise up, brothers and sisters, against the unjust UAR government! Demand change! Force it, if need be! Their supposed 'official changes' won't do a thing! They are just replacing evil with other evil! We must demand a total reform of the UAR government, for the equality of us and all others! Remember the Muslims! Remember the tribesmen! They are massacring everyone who does not go with their twisted and perverted ideals!"

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Posted 03 December 2012 - 02:26 AM

((Quit controlling other people's nations, the army isn't out on the streets, nor are there APCs with machine guns or riot police. The UAR is leaving people to their own in the streets. Threatening government buildings or the lives of people, they will step in. Quit controlling other's  militaries  Evan))
Outside Casablanca, New UAR Command, Communication room
"It seems that our people do not believe we are now in command? We passed the rights, and we are about to make things a whole lot better." The new Public Relations Director looked at the screen of the news casters, coming from the Caliphate. "Radio silence. Foreigners in our land advertising everything. I will not take it!" The new Director of the Military got up, and he happened to be the one who had killed the rogue FA-1 pilot, the Colonel. "We cannot relocate them to better homes and places, they will get really angry. So it would be if we tried to rebuild their homes. Resources are easily accessable, and jobs pay more. They can vote for people to be on the new Council of Representation. I want those reporters out of UAR land. Call those APC and riot control soldiers to take them back to their hotel." The other Directors nodded, most of them Muslim, but none of them wanted to bring down the UAR. They knew that if they brought it down everything that they worked for would be all for naught. The ones before them that is. "I had been looking over the UAR military numbers. I am bringing in the Navy. The airships hovering over the city will subdue them a bit. We need to make new, better housing too." The Director of Construction nodded his agreement. "Lets make some changes.

UAR Public Poll:
What do you want most? (Pick numbers)
  • Better housing(Requires your cooperation for us to rebuild it)
  • Better food and water(requires more workers to make better food and water)
  • More rights(You already have lots of the rights that you were all going for before)
  • Other(anything else you want, please tell us)


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Posted 03 December 2012 - 02:49 AM

Casablanca News
The Civil Rights Riot has gone into a full-scale riot, the people everywhere in the UAR claimed territorry going beserk, destroying everything, absolutely EVERYTHING the UAR has done. The mines have been filled with trash and UAR flags, the Command Center has been breached, the military has been destroyed, and the only that is left is the Navy, floating high above the conflict, firing down on the people as they destroyed bases and armed themselves firing wildly, killing both UAR officials and soldiers and their own alike. A Tank-class airship is the only one to fall, and it landed in a concentrated mass of people, incinerating a total of nearly 3,150 people. The UAR has fallen, the people has gone berserk, and everything that the UAR has done for the country has been reversed, and a extremely secret biochemical lab had been found and a new sickness beginning to spread. Without any real leaders, the riot has developed into a literal 'people's army' destroying everything, setting their technology back to before World War 3 and the Plague, making Africa a wasteland. Tank-meat factories are destroyed, anti-sea cannons are being fired at any ships coming close, and the people are destroying whatever they can, lowering their chances of survival to a minimal amount. Without outside aid, no one will survive. With outsider aid, some will, but most won't. The leaders of different tribes are trying to rally people, but they are getting shot if they try to, and the people are just going crazy, devouring all the food and water, using everything how they want. Everything is going to hell, people beginning to die by the thousands because of the Navy. The people are shooting at anything they can to let pent up frustration and anger go, and few are actually trying to be smart.

((There, left RP. Good ­ing bye, ­es. Be a ­ to me, so I will not put up with it.))


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Posted 03 December 2012 - 06:01 AM

Somewhere on the Ross Ice Shelf

"Goddamn, it's cold." Spat Norman, eliciting a squawk of agreement from his surrogate penguin mother, Barbara.

And so the two waddled on across the empty ice sheet toward McMurdo Station, or what was left of it.


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Posted 03 December 2012 - 07:55 AM

A massive nuclear meltdown leaves most of Australia a wasteland, and the rest of the CCP land falls into chaos, before fading away
(( Cancel that. ))

The CCP begin deploying troops along their borders.

CCP Parliament,
Emergency Meeting.
The minister for defense stands. "We have been staying out of foreign affairs for a while. The RSEA have no clue on the projects we have going. When our weapon is unveiled, they will do nothing but flee!" He sits, as the minister for foreign affairs stands. "Outrageous! We must attempt a diplomatic response!" After three hours of long debating, the parliament agree to send a call to the RSEA to stop troop mobilization on both sides.
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Posted 03 December 2012 - 08:19 AM

Cuba explodes.

Cigars rain down on Florida.
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Posted 03 December 2012 - 10:08 AM

Meanwhile, in New York...

"My an[us is sore." said the man, as he forced an entire apartment complex into his anus.

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Posted 03 December 2012 - 10:49 AM


Dear african expedition team

Even though the original plans were to send you off the old world we have a much better opportunity.  with the fall of the UAR and the proximity of it you are being sent to liberate and bring order to the area.  We do not expect much resistance due to them in a state of accepting anyone else, BUT there is the problem of the navy firing upon them so we will also sending the navy to deal with the threat to the populace.  The liberation will happen ASAP.  If you are busy and cannot prepare for something on such short notice but this is an extremely important mission that can help you save lives and claim honor! that is all

Sincerely the leader of the NRO
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Posted 03 December 2012 - 07:59 PM

Meanwhile, in the Caliphate

Al-Narab stood in the middle of the war room with several dozen naked hookers around him. In front of his face was a nuclear launch button, which he promptly pushed with his private parts. Because, you know, why not?

View PostRoguesteeler, on 03 December 2012 - 02:26 AM, said:

((Quit controlling other people's nations, the army isn't out on the streets, nor are there APCs with machine guns or riot police. The UAR is leaving people to their own in the streets. Threatening government buildings or the lives of people, they will step in. Quit controlling other's  militaries  Evan))

I'd assume that's what would be put out if there were riots, no?

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Posted 04 December 2012 - 05:16 AM

June 2021
Ministry of National Defense, Taiwan

"RSEA agrees to a ceasefire on both sides. Have a nice day."
The Minister decided to end the war before it got out of hand. It was a wise decision, at least to him. They had no airship carriers, and the militia organizations were tiny, not to mention most of the people in RSEA don't even know how to wield and shoot a gun, let alone wage naval battle or pilot a military jet.
Neutrality was the key word in this- they had to maintain the reputation of that, and to start diplomatic relationships with other countries. With those relationships, they would be protected from countries that tries to harass or attack them.
It was a spontaneous choice, in fact; either they fall apart, or they don't.


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Posted 04 December 2012 - 06:08 AM

With the conflict avoided before it could get out of hand, the CCP attempt to open a friendlier relationship with the RESA. They send the following letter:

Dear Head Of State Of The Republic of South East Asia,
I would like to formally apologize for the unprovoked invasion of your territory of Singapore. This was due to an egotistical and heavily drunk general, who, upon appearing in court for his actions made this statement. "We *hic* invaded for the noodles! *hic*" He has been exiled to Antarctica. I hope that we may have a much less hostile relationship in the future.

Johnathon Harkom - CCP minister for foreign affairs.
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Posted 04 December 2012 - 09:56 PM

Off the Coast of Casablanca, Mediterranean Sea
July 3, 2021

"Roger, command, we see the target."

A flight of two A117 attack aircraft flew gracefully through the air, illuminated by the shining sun as they swooped over the equally beautiful sea. They were fully laden with guided munitions, flying on an attack course to a decidedly less beautiful sight: a frigate opening up on the coastline, shooting at the beach of Casablanca and killing the rioters congregated on the beach. Their "display of power" would not be tolerated by the Caliphate. In response, two attack planes were sent screaming towards the UAR to stop the madness.

The lead plane of Onyx flight, Onyx-1, pulled slightly ahead of Onyx-2 and radioed its confirmation of target as well. The frigate seemed preoccupied with the slaughter, firing away like nothing was wrong. Hopefully they wouldn't have enough time to see the aircraft as they moved in for the kill. The pilots in the planes mentally steeled themselves for the task of destroying the ship and killing its crew of a few hundred, but they felt better by knowing the fact that doing this would save many innocent lives. It wasn't a hard decision to make: almost every pilot in Cairo wanted to fire away at the UAR ships.

Onyx-1 was approaching attack range quickly, and sent a request to command to arm missiles. The request was quickly granted by the stoic commander in the circling AWACS plane, and Onyx flight readied their arsenal of deadly projectiles. Their guns were ready, along with their missiles. The whole package could easily finish off the frigate. For another thirty seconds, the A117s flew low to the sea, silent and deadly. Outside of the canopies, the roaring of rockets and the thuds of explosions sounded off: the battle was close. But there wouldn't be a battle for much longer.

The UAR ship was of a standard FREMM class, and the pilots knew exactly where to hit. An HE missile into the magazine would be all it took to cut the ship in half and sink it into the harbor, and with the guided missiles, the task would be easy. Combined with the lack of anti-air or enemy fighters, the mission was going to be quick and easy. It was now twenty seconds to missile launch.

And then the time came. The planes were in position. Their guided missiles were ready and tracking, and then the order from command came. Onyx flight released their guided missiles from the pylons, and waited for half a second until they activated their booster rockets. The missiles went hurtling off the craft, prompting a hasty break right to move back into firing position if need be. And for another three seconds, the ship kept pounding away at shore.

Until the missiles hit. Through the infrared missile camera, Onyx-1 could see the missile zoom into a space below the main gun and hit, resulting in a barrage of static. The AWACS on station watched as the missiles hit through the top deck. There was a short delay, until the warheads exploded. The magazine, filled with tons upon tons of highly explosive material, went right along with them. A massive geyser of water sprung from the ship, chasing a fireball. Shrapnel rained down along the ship and sea as secondary explosions rocked the ship.

The AWACS congratulated the attack airplanes as it became clear the ship was irreparably damaged. It sent them back on their way, but continued watching the beast sink for the next half-hour. The populace was saved, but a war had begun.

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Posted 04 December 2012 - 10:45 PM

July 3, 2021
President's office: The president was ready an email from his MoFA about the situation in the UAR when a knock came on his door. "Come in" he, said turning around in his chair to face the visitor. It was his Minster of Foreign Affairs. "hello, what news do you have for me today?"
"I have to inform you that the UAR government has collapsed and their military is firing on civilians." answers the MoFA. "Also, the Caliphate has attacked a UAR frigate that was firing on civilians."
"Hmm" the president started to weigh his options. I will not help a country that fires on civilians. However, should i go to war with them is the real question. He considers this for a little while longer. Then he says"I have made a decision on this matter." and walks out of his ofice with his MoFA following him.

a few minutes later at the House of Legislature in Beijing:
The door opened and in walked the president. the room quickly got quite as he walked up to the podium. He begins to speak "I have just learned that the government of the UAR has fallen. Their military, however, is still very alive and actively murdering civilian protesters. As president of the EAU i will not accept this to happen. I will order missiles to be fired at Casablanca that will explode in the air. These will be a warning. If anyone objects speak now." He paused and waited a few seconds before continuing" The UAR has fallen and its military has become a threat to peace. Their actions will not go unpunished." He got down from the podium and left to go speak with his military commanders on what action to be taken.  Once in his car he pulls out his cell phone and calls the Caliphate's embassy to get through to the caliph.



Posted 06 December 2012 - 02:34 AM

((Nothing interesting happening? Let's see...))

The man slowed to a halt.
"What do you want? I am busy." he replied, irratated.
"It's important... if you would sit down for a moment in my office, we can speak in private." He motions with his hand.
The man called Alan sighed.
"Very well... what is it this time?" he asked as he trudged into the other's office.
Alan Tallingsworth was a thin man, but didn't seem weak. He had long, brown hair that he brushed away from his eyes with his hand. He wore a labaratory coat, with multiple pens on his front pocket. He appeared tired, but well aware and awake. He took a seat in front of the desk.
"Where were you going?" The other man asked. He was furnished with a business suit, obviously of high quality. His hair was of a medium length, but was slicked back. His back was turned to Alan, and was making coffee. He spoke to him as he prepared a beverage for himself.
Alan cleared his throat, then nervously began, "I was... getitng one of the tools that I needed. Most of them are in the storehouse, so I have to run back and fourth, er, Mr. Hanes."
Seemingly uninterested, the other man, apparently by the name of Hanes, grunted and continued to make his coffee.
"I need to get a lot done... perhaps I should, uh, continue?" Alan questioned.
Mr. Hanes, his smug look concealed, turned to face Alan.
Clearly frightened, Alan repositioned himself in his chair. He was about to say something when he was inturrupded by Mr. Hanes.
"Would you like coffee?"
Alan, somewhat relieved, replied in the negative. Then, he looked at Mr. Hanes, waiting for him to speak. Hanes took a seat in a lavish office chair.
"Mr. Tallingsworth... you have been in my employ for, what is it now, fourteen years?" Giving Alan no time to reply, he continued.
"You have made some worthy discoveries in the past while. However, I would require your assistance in yet another matter."
"And... what would this be?" persisted Alan. He didn't wait long for the answer.
"Observe." stated Mr. Hanes simply. He then reached into a desk drawer, and retrieved a small stack of papers. He abruptly turned them around, and slid them to Alan, who promptly skimmed them.
"What is this?" he exclaimed.
"Project D-37, to be literal." answered Mr. Hanes, somewhat sarcastically.
"Is this... even legal?" asked Alan, with a troubled look on his face.
"Perhaps. But that is not what is important. What is important, however, is that you complete this project with your team of whatever-you-call-them-ologists within a month."
"Yes... yes, Mr. Hanes..." said Alan, as he continued to browse through the papers. His brows furrowed, he left the room. Chuckling to himself, Mr. Hanes sipped his coffee.

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 06:06 AM

July 2021
Saigon, Vietnam

"WHAT?" Mr. Duong slammed the papers on the table.
"You heard me right," Minister Su said.
"But...this is ridiculous!" Mr.Duong wandered around the room as he talked. "We're purchasing Bhutan with the equal value of 3.6 billion US dollars!"
"You won't have to worry about that," Minster Su calmly replied. "I've done some calculations with the yearly tax. It'll go up, but not enough to affect lives. The purchase is a big fraction of that place's GDP, and if the people there are unhappy with our purchase, we can issue them enough money to leave and make a living."
"It's not the people I'm worrying about," Mr.Duong muttered. "Why do we need that piece of land from the EAU? Bhutan is a mountainous place, unsuitable for building any large cities or urban living. To us, that piece of land is useless to us."
"I didn't say it's for urban living," he argued. "I am aware that other countries, including EAU, will be having the same thoughts as us, but it is a good hiding spot for munitions."
"You can argue with the legislatures, too," the minister interrupted. "They passed the approval mark after a debate."


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Posted 06 December 2012 - 06:41 AM

Former CCP general Jamie Miller sat on the ground of an Antarctic research station. "God damn, it's cold here." He mutters to himself.
"Guns make you stupid, better to fight your wars with duct tape; duct tape makes you smart" -Michael Westen.



Posted 08 December 2012 - 01:11 AM

The Sahara,
10:48 PM
Survivalist Larry Johnathan Clout leans against a boulder, resting. "Gosh darn it. I can survive on my own, but it sure is lonely here..." he comments to himself.

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 01:20 AM

SS Dos Equis

The Most Interesting Man in the World sat at the ship's bar with two attractive women asking about his water polo career. He ordered another beer and grinned at the bartender.

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 01:36 AM

July 5,2021
The president's office, Beijing
"The RSEA has offered to buy Bhutan for the equivalent of 3.6 billion USD. We have no idea why though" said the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the president. He was meeting with the president and updating him on other countries recent actions.
"They have asked to become trading partners and are not hostile or threatening to us in any way so i think we may accept this offer. We should reduce the cost, however, to increase of friendship. Offer them to buy it for 3.2 billion USD. We want to make friends, not enemies. I will write an e-mail now. Goodbye, you may leave and inform the Legislature of my decision."

From:[email protected]
I will allow you to purchase Bhutan for a lower price in response to your offers of trade. You may have the land for 3.2 billion USD. How will our citizens be treated? Will they get citizenship in the RSEA if they choose to stay or may they remain with dual-citizenship? They may come back to the EAU if they choose to. Have a good day
-Situ Qin president of the EAU


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Posted 08 December 2012 - 11:33 PM

((Just to let you know, my 'Navy' has nothing to do with water. Its made up of airships, like really big armored blimps. They are over Dakar, Casablanca, and other former-UAR major cities. Just to let you know, but when it is destroyed, all the munitions explodes, causing fire and heated metal to rain over the people below. Just to let ya know.))