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[1.4.4] ★OneHundredPixels★ Roleplay Large Minecraft Server - Open to all [24\7] - Kingdoms/Towny - PVP - iConomy - SignShop [Europe] [150 Slot]

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 01:08 PM

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Quality to the last pixels


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A pixeloution in games communities A new three day old Minecraft community which is going far it has its heart and soul set on the best pixels and standards possible. Running a dedicated 24/7 Minecraft roleplay server, its the best one hundred pixels you will ever come across. One hundred pixels is not just about getting the best possible standards its a community which is run by the players. The admins have the same rights as the members and we all decide together. We never refer to it as my or his community its always "Our" community and every member who joins is as equal as the number in our name. We really are proud to go the extra mile in good and bad times to offer you an original and unique Minecraft community which you can shape change and call your home.

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Our server is a RPG based server with many plugins including Towny, SignShop, iConomy.

In character Information: Date: 1221 AD
Lands: Ormean

Once a kingdom so strong ruled over all of Ormrean. The kingdom was a brutal and power force known as Northia. Ruled by the high king Odin the Brutal. The kingdom was in a state of its high power with trade coming in from other continents. The kingdom of Northia was a force that could not be matched. On the wintery morning of 1220 AD the warning beacons were lighted. The capital of Northia was under attack the whole of Ormean believed that the kingdom was under attack by Kingdom of Longstride from the south this was a nation which did not match the strength of Northia yet the king of Longstride had seeked his revenge upon the High king for decades. Many people quickly dismissed this theory as he would be a fool to attack Northia. The villagers grabbed everything they could to defend there towns from the invaders. Weeks passed and there was no signs of any invasion. The villagers slowly approached the capital to see what was going on. To there horror the city had been totally destroyed and nothing remained apart from ruins. They looked around for evidence of what happened and found what appeared to be a broken nether portal. The city appeared to have been attacked by what seems to have been a unknown force from this new "Nether". The kingdom of Northia crumbled by this unknown force, the villagers were confused. No sign of the Northia army or any of its people remained. Only the villagers and the outside towns remained. An eerie silenced seeped over the lands that night as when it turned dark they saw creatures appear across there lands. This sparked panic over the villages as they had no army to protect them. They were quick to call these creatures names. One of the creatures would attack them and give an infectious disease to there villagers. Therese creatures were called "Zombies". Giant spiders were seen which attacked and kill villagers and Skeletons which fired arrows. The villagers soon formed a small army to defend there towns against these horrible creatures. With each town having there own army during the day time arguments spread over power and with that war soon spread, the wars lasted for weeks and destroyed many villages and towns. Soon a new enemy arrived to these towns, these green creatures were sucidal and destroy much of there protections. Due to there creepiness during the night and they habit or lurking around at morning they called them Creepers. 3 Northia knights came to the town where the villagers were and told them of the horrors that the 9th legion had gone through the Nether Portal lead by King Odin and these knights were the only survivors of this battle the villagers were scared and frightened. The knights then set up a small town called Northwick and enlisted the lead knight Arthur Roux as King, in which they build walls thick enough to protect against the creatures and the knights started a new kingdom in the reflection of the old kingdom called New Northia. Most of the villagers live there now. To this day the lands are in a state of terror and fear, many people are starting there own towns and kingdoms. The story will continue yet you will be writing the story among with the other players...

Out of Character Information:
Plugins: Bukkit, DeadBolt, Essentials, Gods, iConomy, mcMMO, PermissionsEx, SignShop, World Edit, Towny, Herochat.


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