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VanillaPixel Whitelist Survival Server

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 06:32 AM

Posted Image


VP is a server i started up with a couple of friends. We are looking for some new members to join the server so we decided to accept some applications. It's a small community just looking to have fun while playing minecraft.

Posted Image Building:
- We have a spawn town set up with plots to give everyone a place to start out and build together.
- There is a nether hub setup already, so when you're ready to move away from spawn there is quick and easy transportation from place to place.
- It is a free build server which means you can build anything you like where ever you want (without interfering with other builds)

Posted Image Rules:
- It is a fully vanilla server
- Hacked clients, cheating mods, hacking is not allowed at all. We are trying to keep everything legit, and cheating ruins the game for everyone.
- Pranks are allowed, Fire, TNT, Lava cannot be used, unless it will not cause damage to someones builds

Posted Image Expectations:
As of now there are eleven people on the server. It is a friendly group of people, and if you are accepted to the server we do not expect you to be friends with everyone, but in no way will we allow you to create a hateful, disrespectful environment with anyone on the server. Many people on the server are working on builds together, or doing let's plays together. It would be nice if you participate in group/server activities when they come up.

What you NEED in order to apply:
- Premium Minecraft account (no cracked accounts will be accepted)
- Patience: It may take some time for us to look through everyones applications and reply to those who get accepted.
- Be at least 15 years old

What you can do to have a better chance of acceptance:
- Have a YouTube channel already started, with at least one Minecraft video already posted
- Answer application with full, detailed answers

- Cannot be banned on another server

-Have a skype

Here's the application:



Youtube Channel:

Skype(If No Type N/a):

Why Should We Let You In the Community?:

Building Experience:

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality):

Do You Agree To the Server Rules?:

Additional Info (optional):

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 06:41 AM


Age: 14 (just turned actually)

Youtube Channel: tyr116(Ashton Major)

Skype(If No Type N/a): tyr116

Why Should We Let You In the Community?: I watch Mindcrack, mostly from Etho's view, and was really interested, especially when you said based on mindcrack.

Building Experience: Quite a bit, I once built a restaurant from scratch, for a school project.

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality): https://www.youtube....h?v=al86RBgM8GA and https://www.youtube....h?v=K63vktJa6XM

Do You Agree To the Server Rules?: Yes, but can we use tnt for the gifts, sorta like what Etho did to guude with the records?

Additional Info (optional):My voice has changed a bit from the videos, and I got a new microphone.


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  • Minecraft: Wretchedrom

Posted 19 November 2012 - 07:11 AM

IGN: Wretchedrom

Age: 15

Youtube Channel: N/A

Skype(If No Type N/a): adam_saunderz

Why Should We Let You In the Community?: I am a fairly active member (If I enjoy the server). I am definitely mature. I am an experienced player.

Building Experience: 6/10 (Redstone: 8/10

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality): Isn't this a survival server? Should not have to be a recorder for your videos....

Do You Agree To the Server Rules?: I do.

Additional Info (optional): N/A

Posted Image

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. - Charles Darwin



Posted 19 November 2012 - 07:48 AM

IGN:  Kevinman292

Age: 15 (6 months)

Youtube Channel: Kevinman222299999222 (or search for kevinman292)

Skype(If No Type N/a): Kevinman292

Why Should We Let You In the Community?: because i make alot of youtube videos about minecraft including MANY livestreams, and might consider making a series on the server or having people come on to livestreams and such.

Building Experience: A lot, been on plenty servers, i make a lot of redstone builds and test builds on singleplayer including during livestreams where i build things on request.

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality): I wouldn't know, just watch any livestream I do, they are 360p so not HQ but get alot of views, likes, and feedback(comments)

Do You Agree To the Server Rules?: Yes

Additional Info (optional):
I am only applying to this server to try it out, so IF you accept me i would come on, check it out, and decide whether or not to continue with it, I am also opening up my own hosted server soon although that will not be a survival server, so initially i will not have a great deal of time to come on this server.


  • Location: Canada
  • Minecraft: meanbubbles

Posted 19 November 2012 - 08:28 AM

IGN: Meanbubbles

Age: 17

Youtube Channel: NA

Skype(If No Type N/a): roberto.granados7

Why Should We Let You In the Community?: I have been playing minecraft since alpha, I really enjoy survival vanilla gameplay and I am active and enjoy playing with small groups of friendly minecrafters.

Building Experience: Lots of minecraft servers in my past 3 years of play, I am not very good with redstone but I am great at farming, making mob-grinders, and practical buildings like storage units.

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality): NA

Do You Agree To the Server Rules?: Yup

Additional Info (optional): I have been active in the minecraft community for the past three years, subscribed to many youtubers and also introduced and taught about 8-10 people how to play minecraft. I am really intrested in a vanilla server as the one I had set up for 9 months is no longer being funded and is down.

Posted Image



Posted 19 November 2012 - 03:04 PM

IGN - BlackSuitAndroid

Age - 19 in December

Youtube Channel - blacksuitandroid

Skype - Damian Barnes

Why should we let you join in the community? I am currently attending college so I end up having a lot of free time when I am not having class. I have recorded Minecraft videos in the past and you are more than welcome to check them out on my channel. I have a good setup when it comes to making them and publishing them, I just never have had anything that made me want to make more. That is why I have been looking for a server I can join, so I can make friends, do community things when I can, make videos, and just play normal Minecraft without worrying about people who just come on to grief.

Building Experience - I have been playing Minecraft for around 2 years. I am subscribed to the Yogscast but mainly for Sjin because he does amazing builds, to Mindcrack as most people probably are but only a few of them, being Guude, BdoubleO, GenerikB, and I was subscribed to Etho for awhile. I have learned so much from all of them, how to build spawner traps, mob grinders, buildings in general and different perspectives on them. And though I only have a basic knowledge of redstone, I can do a little with it and am always willing to learn.

Link to your best Minecraft video (For quality) - As you can see on my channel my videos used to look a little off but I looked on Ethoslabs channel and am now doing what he does to render videos. It makes it so I cant do HD but I can do 480p which I am pretty sure most people don't watch higher than that anyway.

Do you agree to the server rules? Indeed I do

Additional info - I can play quite a bit in the morning Monday through Thursday while waiting for my classes but I can not record then. I can record those same days from around 7-12pm. During Friday through Sunday I can record just about any time except late on Sunday because I have class the following morning. If there are ever server activities or people would like to record with me or just have me involved while they record it would be nice if I got at least a one day before notification though I am sure that is just common nature.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope you allow me to join what I hope to be a fun and friendly server.

P.S. - If you do decide to accept my application the best way of contacting me would be by email at [email protected], I will be checking it periodically today and tomorrow so I should receive any emails you send me. Thank you again.



Posted 19 November 2012 - 03:29 PM

IGN: birdster198

Age: I am 15 years of age.

Youtube Channel: I'm afraid I do not make youtube videos! May in future depending on if I find the right server and I get my new mic etc.

Skype(If No Type N/a): daan.bird

Why Should We Let You In the Community?: I have been looking for a vanilla server for some time now and I feel that this is the perfect one that is exactly what I'm looking for! I love to take part in server wide events or events with just a few players, and I'm also more than happy to help other people build, get resources etc...

Building Experience: I have been playing since early beta stages so I have done my fair bit of building on minecraft over the years, so I would say my builds are respectable and decent. I wouldn't say they are the best builds in the world because I don't look at anything I do and look at completely positives. I mainly look at where I can improve them

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality): As I said earlier I might make videos in future! And i can guarantee they will be high standard as I have a great mic ( condenser microphone ) and also I used to make Fifa videos and had about 700 subs so I think i make half decent videos!

Do You Agree To the Server Rules?: Of Course I do!

Additional Info (optional): Whether I'm accepted or not good luck with the server buddy!



Posted 20 November 2012 - 03:18 AM

IGN: Bambam1255

Age: 15 no joke

Youtube Channel: garrett1231231

Skype(If No Type N/a): i do have a skype but would rather not say in public if u like will pm u it

Why Should We Let You In the Community?: I am good working with other people and love working on big projcts i could help the community by making thing like iron golem farms xp farms etc.

Building Experience: I have built a few nice house and love working with redstone i have made many automatic farms an such.

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality):i do not have any minecraft vids but i think this is the server for me and mybey someday i may start because of this server if i get on it

Do You Agree To the Server Rules?: Of course they all make since and are there just to make the server a better environment


  • Location: san antonio, tx
  • Minecraft: andresanderic

Posted 20 November 2012 - 03:49 AM



Youtube Channel:n/a

Skype(If No Type N/a):andresanderic

Why Should We Let You In the Community?: i like playing vanilla minecraft and been looking for a server for a while now, i really like to have a farm of everything and have fun with it! :D

Building Experience: not the best but not the worst

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality):

Do You Agree To the Server Rules?: yeah they seem very easy to understand and follow

Additional Info (optional):



Posted 20 November 2012 - 09:59 AM

IGN: Hoerleiche
Age: 20
Youtube Channel: n/a
Skype: Hoerleiche

Why Should We Let You In the Community?: Uhm, good question. Friendly, helpful and all those other form application   adjectives. I am ready for any events and have no problem in participating in whatever crap you cna think of. ^^
Building Experience:  All sorts of things. Playing since Beta 1.5 on several servers (and singleplayer maps). So far noone complained =D

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video: n/a
Do You Agree To the Server Rules?: Why else would i write this application? =P
Additional Info: This is another attempt to find a vanilla whitelist server that isnt cramped or Youtubers ONLY. Lets hope for the best. Have a nice day - Hoerleiche

Posted Image



Posted 20 November 2012 - 06:53 PM

IGN: CullenFireblaze


Youtube Channel:Don't have one yet. Waiting to start one though

Skype(If No Type N/a):NA for now but i would be happy to talk to you guys

Why Should We Let You In the Community?:I'm ok with Redstone  builds and i think it would be fun for us to play together. I am starting to get bored of Minecraft and i'm hoping a fun server would be great to help me with my dying love for the game

Building Experience:Mob spawners, Mob traps, Secret doors etc.

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality):NA

Do You Agree To the Server Rules?:Yes

Additional Info (optional):Hope you have fun deciding



    Tree Puncher

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Posted 21 November 2012 - 03:51 AM

IGN: tom2000152

Age: 16

YouTube Channel: TomOPRS3

Skype: tom2000152

Why Should We Let You in the Community?: Been looking for a nice server to play on for a while now, get tired of singleplayer because I feel like I'm achieving nothing. I almost always try to help people build, and do whatever I can to assist everyone. At the very least, I certainly wouldn't be detrimental to everyone there.

Building Experience: Nothing too extensive. Mob grinders, XP farms, I've built a few nice houses in the past. I'm probably more of a survivalist, and someone who builds things for efficiency and practicality over looks, but I can build some nice-looking things as well.

Best Minecraft Video: (all of mine I didn't care too much about when I was making them - I can definitely do better quality and make videos better overall if I put more effort into them)

Do You Agree to the Server Rules?: Yes

Additional Info: Again, been looking for a nice server for a while, with a nice community. That's really it, I guess.



Posted 21 November 2012 - 04:20 AM

IGN: PerfectPhoenix

Age: 20

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.c...s?feature=guide

Skype: I do have a Skype, but I don't share it willy nilly. I mainly use it for my LPs and Machinima purposes, not Minecraft.

Why Should We Let You In The Community?: Because I am friendly, and I haven't been on many multiplayer servers mainly because of all the stuff people do, such as Spawn camping, and other stuff.

Building Experience: Built cities by myself from the ground up, have experience with World Edit, made wool statues, operated many stores over different servers, and was going to be an admin for a server until it shut down.

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video: A recreation of Registeel's chamber and a silly recreation of a flamethrower attack, which kind of sets the entire place on fire. I got the part anyway. =3

Do you agree to Server Rules? Of course. If I didn't agree, I wouldn't be here.

Additional Info: I am kinda good with redstone wiring, but not a complete master at it.



Posted 23 November 2012 - 09:45 PM

Hey my In Game Name is "the_WHITE_seal.
I am 17 years old and mature, aka if you say wood i dont make fun of you.
I have a youtube channel called theMrWhiteSeal but my computer is bad, so at Christmas I am getting a Zeus Thunder 1500. I will then record episodes. another reason why I want to join.  
I have a Skype also called the_WHITE_seal and I am usually on. I love to chat with other minecrafters whenever possible.
I am very creative when it comes to building. I do not complain when I don't get what I want, very technical when it comes to minecraft, like know tricks and stuff, and I am funny and love to hang out with others.
I know how to build. On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the best) i am a 8, better with redstone.
I do agree to the server rule they seem "legit."
My email is where you should tell me if I have made it on the server. It is [email protected] As I have stated I will begetting a new computer on Christmas and I hope you accept me as a fellow minecrafte.r
-the secret seal



Posted 26 November 2012 - 04:35 AM

IGN: None

Age: 14 going on 15

Youtube Channel:

Skype(If No Type N/a): Rather tell you in a pm

Why Should We Let You In the Community?: You should let me in because i am very corporative and i would bring good thoughts and views to the server. I have been on two servers like this before and they have all gone great if only they were to stay up and not get put down. I really think i would like this server because I get a vibe that it is serious and isn't some trash

Building Experience: I have player for 2 years now so i think i would rate myself an 8 out of ten

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality): I have only one as of right now but however the video goes i will take a turn for that direction. Here is my vid: https://www.youtube....vc&feature=plcp

Do You Agree To the Server Rules?: I do

Additional Info (optional): I am extremely OCD and if spawn is a bit out of whack i can help fix it up to spick and span. As long as it's even, lol.